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  1. How come height is an issue? MJ Lastimosa and Dianne Necio are just 5’5″ as well right?

    Anyway, I watch the pageant ever since and most of the time, the first time I see the roll of candidates I am able to spot those who have very good potential and usually come near the pageant or at the pageant night, they are the ones who are most likely being talked about or either they make it to the 15 or 10 finalist. Last year, first time I saw the candidates, I was drawn to Janine Tugonon who later emerged as 1st runner up, and Maria Kristina Marasigan who made it to the top 15 as well.

    This year, only Golda Mae Soller captured for me that imagination at an instant. The rawness of her smile may just be a very vital weapon to catch attention most specially the international judges. She isn’t a template beauty queen, as Nicole Schmidtz or MJ Lastimosa but for me she is way ahead among everybody else.

    She had that ‘it’ factor that barely a few has and I know she will be noticable in the international pageant. I’m quite not sure though if she’s for Ms. Universe calibre, maybe Miss International…but if I will be asked, I will send her to Ms. Universe to try a new template look for the Philippines. Over the past years, our representatives have been some sort of a Miriam Quiambao look, morena and lanky, except for Gionna Cabrera who is a bit of westerny in terms of looks who unfortunately lost also. But I could say that up until Supsup last year, the basis of the selection is definitely behind the shadows of Miriam Quiambao’s victory.

    So now we have this very rare opportunity of having someone so unconventional but very striking. Golda Mae perhaps is that one person that she is who can overshadow the costly errors made by 2 of our latest Miss Philippines that sailed them out of the crown in the most crucial stage of the competition. Venus Raj’s confident but senseless answer and Shamcey Supsup’s inarticulate, trembling, immature, and so politically wrong and insensitive answer last year.

    Golda is so golden for me, I love her already.

  2. Sikayu nga uyaw nga awan panunut na, AGTALNA kayo man. apay sikayu kaya yu kadi ti maki contest?

  3. Isipin nyo naman ang mga sinasabi ninyo…. how come a doctor is pang miss barangay lang?.

    hahahaha… wala lang ba masabi na iba laban sa kanya?

    shes a product of chinese and ilocano ethinicity…

    besides guys…. shes a doctor… she never level you in what she is now today…

    thats all… ciao…

  4. Talking about height as it is not Golda. Let us keep remembering USA’s Tara Elizabeth Conner, Miss Universe 4th runner up in 2006. She is just 5’5. As such, this proves that a candidate does not need to be 5’9 to make it big in Miss Universe. Let us look at the woman holistically. That winning and appealing package will make her win.

  5. She has a very… unique face. Oh who are we kidding? She’s not going to win any award. Some contestants have that vibe around them. You’d just know that they’re going to be clappers in the competition.

    • One lady who fits that description, and who has permanently stayed in my mind through the years is Miss Spain Universe 1999 and Miss Universe 1999 2nd Runner-Up Diana Nogueria. She’s barely 5’7″ but looks long and shapely onstage.

  6. Norman — Are you sure she’s only 5’5″? I thought BPCI’s minimum height requirement is 5’6″. So Golda has to be at least that. Right?

    • Glenn, for as long as the organizers are not publishing their official stats in their website, I will have to rely with what is made available to me. I don’t understand why, after releasing their headshots and place of birth, their respective heights were not even included at the very least. Something is suspect when such vital numbers are being withheld up to now.

      • Besides, if pure common sense is at play, you can check all photos of the ladies standing side by side and you can surmise their relative heights. Gut feel tells me that some of the ladies fell short of 5’6″ but will make worthy candidates. For sure, there will be adjustments once more when the primer is shown on TV.

  7. Mr.Baldwin: What is the one big mistake you’ve made in your life? And what did you do, to make it right?

    BPCI:You know what Sir? In almost 40yrs of this institution, I can’t think of a major major I mean problem, I’m so contented with my work as a one of the screening committee,thanks to the love they are giving me, thank you that I am here,thank you, thank you!

    But wait………………………………………….
    I think there is a mistake, golda qualified as an official candidate, a MISS BARANGAY veteran candidate.. There’s nothing I can do to make this thing right,what is worse is that she might win some awards, like MISS BAYANIHAN and Rainier Castillo Look Alike…


    Mr.Baldwin: Well said!

    • Baldwin mas type u yata na ikaw ang sumali bakit hindi ka sumali? hahaha! She have Guts and Beauty.

      • Bb. Pilipinas po ang usapan. dapat dun ka magtatalak sa Miss Gay. hahahaha.

    • I am from the hometown she lived, she grow from a high social family with dignity… wala na ba kayong alam sabihin kundi puro negative side comment lang…this is a pageant, if she won any of awards, tatawanan ko kayong nagcricritisize sa kanya…pero if she failed…that’s a part of the game…

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