8 comments on “Getting-to-know-your-Bb.Pilipinas-2012-candidate: Karen Gallman

  1. And she is even prettier when she talks! Unlike a couple of the other frontrunners, Karen speaks with confidence and without hesitation. How I wish more of the candidates were like her. And whatever she might lack in height, Karen more than makes up for it with her charming personality. Although I would not put her up as a BBP Universe contender, she has a chance at winning either the International or Tourism title. At the very least, Karen is a top five contender.

  2. Regardless of her height…. KAREN is here in BB.Pilipinas 2012…. standing tall for a crown.
    To me….she is the prettiest and very much prepared and focus to get one of the crown.

  3. indeed, she is really the face of bb.pilipinas 2012.
    too beautiful to be neglected even with the minimum heigth.
    Miss International or Miss Tourism Queen Int’l for Gallman.
    She’s my favorite from even before the screening, togethe with patricia and nicole scmithz.

  4. Yeah you’re right Norman. If only she’s taller, she’s definitely get one of the crown I guess 🙂 Height requirement has a great impact in International arena… Wish she’s 5’8 and for sure… She’ll get one of the three crowns 🙂

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