12 comments on “Getting-to-know-your-Bb.Pilipinas-2012-candidate: Annalie Forbes

  1. Ali is the “girl next door” type of beauty. Sana nga kapitbahay ko siya para malaman kung may kuya siya ;)… I would like to wish her all the luck. I like her and despite of her height, I am sure that she can very well represent our country. Go girl!

  2. She does have a pretty face..maybe she should have been included in the video going viral right now, the 20 most beautiful filipinas. i think many of your readers would be interested in seeing this video

    • ayyyyyyyy, bakit wala si gwenduling ruais,,malulungkot nyan s kuya norman, sya ang manager ni gwen,hehehe. at mamimiss ko ang shitzu hairstyle nya.

    • Thanks for sharing. Too bad the video only includes Filipinas who are in their 20s. Of these, Venus Raj really stands out because she looks so exotically different from the rest — which is a breath of fresh air. And why isn’t Isabelle Daza in this group? Now, if only someone would make a video that includes truly beautiful Filipinas from the last half century (e.g., Melanie Marquez, Gloria Diaz, etc.), that would be really cool.

  3. Sure, there are a number of competitive candidates in this batch, but Annalie has got to be the most likeable and cutest of them all. Her pretty face is a picture of sincere friendliness, and if I were to approach all 30 candidates, I would probably have approached her first! She is so gracious and talented. But most of all, I applaud her for throwing her hat in the ring — which is more than I can say for a couple of so-called celebrities who got cold feet.

  4. too short! there are many georgeous filipina, the probem is the height..it’s so seldom that we see a lady equipped with height,beauty,poise and intelligence.

    patricia ejercitado for the win!

      • If Olivia Culpo, who’s also petite at 5’5″, did it in all three pageants she joined in the U.S., why not Ali? Anyways, I congratulate Ali on her 3rd-runner up finish at the just-concluded MGI pageant. Another top 5 placement for this year is a very welcome treat amidst the great catastrophe our country experienced. Hope Ali and her BP colleagues can buckle down to work in the relief operations.

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