10 comments on “Welcome back to Bb. Pilipinas 2012, Ayelee Marie Dasalla!

  1. No doubt beautiful. I don’t get that Filipina vibe around her. She could easily be Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese… I don’t know if that’d work to be advantage. I do wonder why she wasn’t able to make the cut in the first place. No offense to the other contestants but Ayee is way ahead of most of them when it comes to physical beauty.

  2. If any of the aspirants back out or disqualified for some reason…. it is not REASONABLE anymore to fill up the vacated slot. The contest must go on….. because it is very unfair for the the so-called replacement as PANAKIP BUTAS LAMANG! I hope I have sounded!

  3. I am sorry to say…. that all the replacements GIRLS of last year were all THANK YOU GIRLS. But SHE might break that spell as front runner RAMPA….. than as a PAMPA-dagdag girl.

  4. I kind of thought that Ayelee would be the replacement for Maxine Medina, no surprises there. It was more surprising to me that she wasn’t included with the original 30. Question: You mentioned “28 other hopefuls” above. Aren’t there 30 candidates? So who else besides Maxine bowed out of the pageant?

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