7 comments on “Getting-to-know-your-Bb.Pilipinas-2012-candidate: Nicole Marable

  1. she has to change her style. experiment on her hair to make her fiercier. In the headshots she looks fresh but not that focused> sleepy eyes too bad.

  2. With or without make-up she is no doubt very beautiful… and she knows that she is the prettiest of them all. But I think she is not focusing and not concentrating with her mentor and coaches. As if she is not serious with any of the crown or title…. as she is always disoriented on the stage. We still have more than a month to go…. for improvements….SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST.

  3. As it is, Nicole’s beauty is noticeable but she might need more trainings in consistently putting on the right make up, becoming gym fit, etc. As such, she would be able to realize her fullest of potentials, and make her more confident to face the biggest beauty competition.

  4. I have no illusions about her winning any of the crowns. The best placement she can get for now is being a runner-up. But she is still my sentimental favorite to win BBPU. There’s something about her not-so-assuming smile and aura. If ever she wins and get sent to Miss U, I bet she’d attract the same attention as Kim Edri (Miss Israel) in last year’s competition.

  5. Without a doubt the freshest and most captivating face in this year’s Bb crop. She is too raw though to grab a beauty title from the more seasoned pageant veterans. The Luzella Felipe of 2012. Nicole should rejoin Bb after a year or two.

  6. Norman — You’re right. Nicole Marable is the youngest of the candidates and it shows, especially in her candid shots and in her body language. She is quite pretty, but there are clearly other girls in her batch who are way ahead of the game. But the good news is, being only 17, she has time favorably on her side more so than any of the other candidates. Perhaps this is Nicole’s way of testing the waters (much like Nicole Schmitz did in 2007). Who knows, Ms. Marable just might make a bigger splash in a couple of years.

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