25 comments on “Are we looking at new crowns for Bb. Pilipinas 2012 or what?

  1. Very true.I reading all the blogs on this website.I’ll absolutely make it bookmark for future reference. This will also help to my students for growing their knowledge.They will learn a lot. Good Work. Keep it up!!!

  2. Maybe the crown will be full of pearls because Philippine is known as Pearl of Orient.

  3. super hoax, i made this on photoshop and go to missosology this is a design i made for the next femina miss india new crpwn design they made…….

  4. Kuya Normz, confirmed na kaya to? sana! i love the designs, inspired sa MU crown, pero sana ibang design naman for MI…hope BPCI realizes that its good to reinvent and not to dwell to the past…

  5. i know it seems utterly ‘corny’, but i luv the 70s ‘British’ crown versions … dunno why 😛

  6. I hope this piece of welcome news is not one of those many hoaxes that pageant aficionados come up every pageant season. If ever there are new crown designs this yea,r I hope the design has a unique Phiilippines inspiration or link or if not the jewels used are all from the Philippines. The crown designs above are are a close replica to the Miss Universe/USA crowns. I see no originality or sense of creativity for BPCI to implement above designs, if the news is true about supposed new crowns is true in the first place.

  7. I guess it’s about time. I believe it is regal looking compare to the current ones. Remember the original set of crowns that was used from the beginning, hindi ba mas bongga ika nga.

  8. It’s nice, Norman. Much better than the “cheap-looking” and humongous present crowns our titleholders are wearing. Although in my opinion, the crown of BBP International should be different so that it can be distinguished better from the Miss Universe-Philippines crown. The latter is imitating and adapting the present design of the Miss Universe crown although its gems are of different color.

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