20 comments on “Do hearts and beautiful doctors make a good mix? Definitely!

  1. can’t wait for the coronation night! im sure this lady with the whole clan in the house will definitely bag home te texters’ choice award and bayanihan award! thanks to clan,….
    ang nakkatakot lang eh pag hindi nanalo ng awards si golda, it only means na ang mga kabarangay, kamag anak at mga kapurok ay nagtipid sa load.


  2. I think you guys are getting immature here. Let’s have a little sense of decency. We are entitled to our own opinions but we do not have to be harsh. I may not personally like the girl but that’s it. Let us not be hostile especially those who cannot accept negative criticisms that are addressed to their favorite girl. Of course these ladies are subject to scrutiny because at least three of them will be representing the country. They should be worthy to do so because of course who wants the miss u streak to stop or worse end? It’s fine to be supportive but at least let’s be realistic that there are beautiful girls who are not for big scale pageants. That does not mean though they are ugly. They are beautiful but there are standards that are different from such category.

    Second, let’s be logical. When a person makes a comment about a girl, it’s very childish to attack how the person looks just because he made a negative comment about a girl. It does not make any sense. This does not however mean that anyone can just give a demeaning comment.

    Let’s all act like mature people. This is after all not our blog. This is Norman’s and let us respect him.

  3. lonewulf is just another golda’s relative. hale the clan! go then and spread the news!

      • The mere fact that Golda was chosen to be 1 of the 30 official candidates amongst the others is enough to prove that she has the potential of becoming a beauty queen.

        And the depth reason of you talking nasty about these woman are your insecurities and the obvious reality that whatever you do, you can never even be an inch of her.

        If you don’t have anything good to say about others; better not say anything at all. Silence is wisdom!

  4. Dont judge her in just one photo. I bet you havent seen her in person. If you have a favorite girl (and obviously hindi si gold) then just focus to that girl build her up kesa nanghahamak ka na akala mo ikaw lang ang anak ng Diyos at kung makapintas ka naman db… Yeah thats your opinion but dont be to harsh. Put little respect naman para irespect ka din. Advice lang po wag pikon. =)

    • hahaha! sino ba ang pikon? just read the thread. mga kamag anakan ni golda ang pikon! pinsan ka?

      • Why the negativity, bro? If you don’t like a candidate and you want the world to know, then it’s enough to say you dislike her. We respect that. You don’t have to say nasty things.
        I’m not sure if you’re just trying to prove to norman’s readers that you have an impeccable taste in beauty. And that this fine looking lass didn’t pass your standards at all. Is that it?
        Okay, what if you’re right. Then what?

        Just my two cents. You don’t need to put down others to prove superiority.

      • Hi basil sorry but im not a relative. I just want you to respect golda. If you dont like her then be it pero wag kang manghamak just cheer your bet. Thats it. porke ba pinagtanggol na kamag-anak na agad diba pedeng nadsitract lang kasi your too harsh sa ibang tao. So pls stop Saying nasty things to others. Thanks mate!! Cheers!!

  5. Im agree with basil…look at her second photo,she looks starstruck’s rainier castillo..hehe,im just kiddìng..being a doctor that made her on top 30,yun lang wala ng iba…wala na ako madagdag,nasabi na lahat ni basil..sorry

  6. my sentiments are still the same! this lady is just one of the PAMPARAMI GIRLS.
    this a beauty contest,so at the end of the day, a stunner one should won, not just someone who’s kind or w/ a degree. BEING TACTFUL AND DESCENT DOESN’T MEAN TO BE A LIAR AND BIASED.

    when the first feature on Golda was published,i just stated that “she is not a type of beauty queen we want, fierceless and traditional.maybe on Miss Barangay!” and i still stand on that opinion. i was just surprised that her supporters or should i say her relatives commented exxageratively, to the point that there was one who said that, “baka bakla kaya masyado makomento”, yes i am gay that is why i am following this blog. and 70% of this blog’s followers are gay. so, don’t u dare make a gender preference an issue.

    u guys can support golda from MISS PUROK to MISS BARANGAY, and i don’t care.
    we are on a genre of reality tv, from w/c everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. reality bites, golda does’nt have qualities of a stunning beauty queen, she’s #27,so she’s one of the shortest, her smile distorted her face and her aura doesn’t glow at all.

    • Ang harsh mo naman. Just give the girl a break. She might not have the most stunning features, but she has a very Pinay look.

      We might have our early favorites, but in the end, the candidates who will make us believe we could win another international crown this year deserve to win. Let’s just wait what will happen in the following days, and observe who will mesmerize us the most on pageant night.

      Let’s just wish all these girls ‘good luck’. After all, mga kababayan natin ang mga to. At pare-parehas lang naman tayo na gustong madagdagan ang karangalan ng bansa. 🙂

      P.s. she’s not one of my faves but i’d be glad if she surprises us with an amazing performance and wins a sash

  7. yeah..we respect your opinion…but i think i love her..thous i have my early fav. but i’m watching this girl too..

  8. i’m sorry but I’ll have to disagree with you on this. While she has one sincere smile, those teeth are distracting. In addition to that, she really does not have the beauty queen face. She’s lucky she made it as one of the official candidates but it has to stop there.

    Although, not one of the candidates this year (based on the pictures) has the “gulat” factor or it’s just that they all look tired.

    It’s just my opinion.

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