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  1. The first time I saw Gina Joy Howell was during the Search for 2010 Mr. & Miss University-Philippines, an annual national inter-varsity beauty pageant held at the University of the Philippines Theater in Diliman, Quezon City, in which she placed first runner-up to Sabrinne Al-Tawil, one of last year’s Binibining Pilipinas official candidates. I was the Region 7 delegate’s makeup artist and Gina represented Region 3. She was very sweet and well-mannered. Her impeccable Amerasian countenance, smooth skin, silky black hair, and stunning elegance made me think that she should consider joining Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant someday. Such combination of beauty and height should not be put in vain, for many are called but only few are chosen. There are a lot of beautiful girls out there who would kill to become Binibining Pilipinas, but could only keep on wishing, because their height won’t suffice. When I saw Gina popping out of the Gateway Suites after the Binibining Pilipinas 2012 final screening last February 11, I couldn’t help but take pride in my hunch two years ago. I was so happy to see her there, especially that she’s one of the standouts from this year’s lineup. I congratulated her on making it as an official candidate, and am very proud of her because she has what it takes to represent our country internationally.
    – (Ariel Allera, Cebu City)

  2. Among this year’s bevy of beauties, Angeles City-Pampanga’s Gina Joy Howell tops my favorite picks for the title of Binibining Pilipinas-International 2012. Why? She’s a natural charmer, a pretty lady, a lovely lass, some perfect girlfriend material. I will never ever fall in love with a woman, but I have a feeling that’s what a Miss International is mostly about—however, the smart and gorgeous Gina may not be able to prove her brains in this event that traditionally skips the all-important interview competition. And because the Miss International Beauty Pageant may not be quite particular about height, Gina’s five-feet-nine stature would be an ace up her sleeve.

    Gina Howell’s immaculate, almost porcelain-white skin stems from an unblemished mix of American and Filipino blood. She glides like a darling of the crowd. While many missologists are saying she looks like Binibining Pilipinas-International 2004 Margaret Ann Bayot, I would say that she bears more than a passing resemblance to Miss International 1979 Melanie Marquez, only a little fairer in complexion. And because Melanie was awarded by Global Beauties as the Most Beautiful Miss International 1960 – 2000, it would be perfect if Gina be given the Binibining Pilipinas-International crown, so that the Miss International Beauty Pageant organizers in Japan would feel visited by the most memorable winner that has ever walked their stage. Needless to say, Gina would also make a strong contender for Miss Tourism Queen International, but she is too pretty for Miss Universe.
    – (Ariel Allera, Cebu City)


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  6. well, i think MW is not that exciting compare to the pageant alike bb. pilipinas or MU presentation, MW is different,classic and fragile..very traditional..so the girls should know where/what to join, they should join by personality based not by personal ego…carla henry did not make it in bb. pilipinas but emerge in ME.gwen did not make it in bb. pilipinas but become a princess in MW, to add venus raj was a runner up in ME but in a major major way she was hailed as the MU 4th runner up…I’m sure ladies in the Philippines had a good time having a pageant hopping,PAGEANT-it’s more fun in the Philippines, more than the usual…

    • Nice — I agree with the points you just made. I would also add that girls who join a second or third time are motivated, determined and learn quickly from their mistakes in previous pageants — girls like Karla Henry, Venus Raj and Gwen Ruais.

  7. repeaters should not win a title this year, if ever our winners are from the runner ups every year then, so recycle queens, no more…enough last year it should not be tolerated as comes to a tradition in the future if we just let this things happened…sad, it became the requirement of the title holder – to be a repeater!shame…after all pageant like this is far from all sports that you need to be a rookie first and then you’ll become the mvp afterwards..though im in favor of ladies who doesn’t make it then they would join the other 2 major national beauty pageant the MW and ME vice versa to BP…

  8. No Doubt, its MJ Lastimosa already Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2012 no other candidates look gorgeous and outstanding than MJ, but i doubted if she will be place like Venus and Shamcy…

    • yeah, i think so too.. shes my bet last year, im just kinda worried sa height nya, if only shes a bit taller.. nice skin color

    • dont be so surely, coz their are better girls than her, and if your thoughts are true, BPCI is making fun to themselves, w/c I do beleive that they wont make her a winner………………mabuhay, BPCI!

  9. moll stands outin this pic…but iba parin pag rumarampa plus q and a..Roxane Joy Jesalva dark horse parin…nicole and mj is indeed the front liner but i think golda is the gitrl to watch out either…though jonas gaffud’s Aces & Queens fields strong bets but mind you, there’s rodgil flores in the scene who’s record is tantamount to jonas gaffud,s achievement in national stint…let see, but i think it’s better to transfer the leadership of miss philippines rights to ms. quirino who knows how to pick a lady who really posses our country’s image by not just a mere candidate or a title holder but a lady who’s deeds in reality.

      • Yes, MWP’s inaugural edition was a bit weak on presentation (did they really have to play the pageant’s theme song ad infinitum?) — so I’m hoping the second one under Cory’s helm will be much improved. I can only hope that MWP’s batch this year will be stronger than BP’s so that the Philippines’ momentum at Miss World continues.

    • Both MJ & Janine are deserving of a win. But to do it within the same year following their runner-up placements last year would be a tough task to accomplish, especially that the presence of Nicole, Patricia, Elaine and the like are in the way.

      • Also, IF either MJ or Janine wins a title this year (deserving or not), there might arise a perception (falsely or not) that BPCI somehow bestows titles on returning runner-ups (e.g., Dianne Necio). This could potentially discourage qualified aspirants to join the pageant whenever a runner-up from the previous year returns to compete. Perhaps this might have been a factor in why a celebrity rumored to compete decided not to join the pageant this year.

  10. Of the photos above, MJ Lastimosa looks oustanding. She along with Patricia Lae Ejercitado and Nicole Schmitz are, IMHO, among the top contenders this year. Karen Gallman, Jaine Hidalgo, and Janine Tugonon are sure shoo-ins as semifinalists and potentially higher. I think all of the girls I just named fall within the range of 5’6 to 5’7 in height — a factor that will be a challenge when we send any these girls (should they win national titles) to compete in their respective international pageants, especially in Miss Universe where the average height of candidates seem to grow by a fraction of an inch every year. I’m disappointed that none of the taller candidates from last year (e.g., Sabrinne Al-Tawil) are on the BBP roster this year. Hopefully, we might see them surface later in Cory Quirino’s camp (i.e., Miss World Philippines) and continue the momentum that was sparked by Gwen Ruais in MW last year.

    • yeah right.. no offense meant, i am not pretty i know but just my opinion na parang walang masyadong may dating this year..unlike last year.tumulak,al tawil,the clenci sisters.diane arevalo.,etc..parang last year wala kang itatapon,ngayon parang lahat patapon

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