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    • I am supporting Liezl, Siena. In fact, I want her to do well. Let’s hope she gives her best everytime. 🙂

  1. I am so disappointed with this batch. Good thing I didn’t watch the Press Presentation and Meet & Greet, it’s not worth it! There’s no stunner in this batch. Ejercitado, Lastimosa and Togonon are the obvious frontrunners.

    I’m so grateful to have witnessed the pageants from 2007-2011, especially 2009, 2010 and 2011 where they were so many prepared girls to choose from. Sadly, I don’t think Philippines will make the Top 15 this year.

    P.S. What is wrong with Araneta? She wasted so many potential winners! Carisheila Kuijpers, Gwendolyn Ruais, Mary Ann Misa, Nicolette Henson, Diana Arevalo, Sabrinne Al Tawil, Patricia Tumulak, etc.

  2. MJ Lastimosa has lots of advantages over the other contestants – experience, great body, elegance, confidence and straightforwardness. She just needs to reflect on and refine her way of handling the final interview (Q&A round) which isn’t just about delivering a fierce answer. She was my bet last year, and same thing holds true this year. MJ Lastimosa surely learned from her Bb. Pilipinas experience last year. MJ Lastimosa for the win! Go and shine like one of the brightest stars in the universe!

    • MJ luster is an artificial, thats why her way of delevirance of her thoughts makes her Arrogant and Superfacial, not coming from the heart, unlike her co winners last year, and even during her reign as runner, she always wants to stand out, but its too much just to get an attention over the real and true Bb Pilipinas queens 2011, she is so presumptous. Hope BPCI, now knows her well after a year.

  3. i think schmitz for ms.universe cause of her latina beauty… she is 5’7 i think its find like supsup is 5’7 but she look taller during the pageant,,ejercitado as ms.international,, & last mj… only this 3 will shine… 2012 bb.pilipinas is very weak this year… their is no so much choices,, we r looking for xfactor… sad to say i dont see anything like that now… ,,, my prediction we will do well in ms.world 2012,,, & ms.earth 2012… ms.universe 2012 i dont have any feeling… a feeling that i felt during ms.universe 2010 , ms.universe 2011 & ms.world 2011…,,, those year i have strong feeling philippines will do well… ,,, but wait,,, maybe our candidates in ms.universe 2012 will be finalist.. ,, thats it…. if thats happen… not bad for the philippines…

  4. I am now leaning towards Moll bandwagon. My only worry is her body. If ever she’ll win, I don’t know how her handlers and the ORG could fix that given the very short period before the Miss U. Narinig ko pa na mas mapapaaga ang Miss Universe this year…hhhmmm

    again, just to reiterate, I think this batch is still a pretty strong one. I’m liking Ejercitado (my BBP Tourism for now), Hidaldo and Jesalve (International) and MJ / Moll (Universe) and this one other newbie which name I still don’t know…

  5. This batch is so weak, it’s like going back to year 2001-2004,from w/c winners are expected to go home empty handed after competing internationally. From the bunch of 30, it’s so easy to eliminate 15 and choose the top5 right away. Universe for Schmitz and maybe International for Ejercitado or Gallman. I want Ejercitado for Universe, but I’m afraid that she can’t ace the q/a. As I’ve read in other blogs,Schmitz reminds me of Jackelyn Aguilera, Miss World ’95 from Venezuela, sad to say that Schmitz is only 5’7, compare to the reigning Miss Venezuela who is 5’10 and Bodine Koehler of Puerto Rico who is 6-feet tall.

  6. razzini deserves to be there kasi na man sa achievements nya pasok na…miss mandaue, runner up ng miss cebu at miss aliwan..

  7. I like underdogs. Can you please tell me more about Nicole Marable? She’s the most beautiful natural Filipina in this year’s batch. I like that she’s laying low right now.

  8. Im Happy with the result… =)

    My 5 early favorites made the official cut:
    Janine Tugunon, Patricia Lae Ejercitado, Ealine Moll, Jaine hidalgo, Roxane Jesalva… Good luck girls! =)

    • That will come within the upcoming weeks. It’s still a good two months before the finals, so I have all the time to dissect each one of them. 😉

      • i’m still puzzled about the real height of MJ. But i think she’ll be the “ONE.”

      • MJ looks slightly taller than Shamcey in photos, but is actually shorter in terms of measured height. So if Shamcey is 5’7 1/4″, MJ should be something like 5’6 1/2″.

      • MJ is just a spice one ,but not necessary to focus on, based from her attitude since she join last year, very arrogant and self centered…….CHANGE is need, and why not join ME, better for her.

      • I, too, would like to know the candidates’ official vital statistics, especially since there seems to be a lot of speculation and discussion concerning the candidates’ heights (or their lack of it). Just browing the web today, for example, there was a reference to Janine Tugonon’s height as 5’8″ — that would make her taller than her closest rivals (i.e., Nicole Schmitz, Patricia Lae Ejercitado, MJ Lastimosa and Karen Gallman). Of course, this info could be all wrong. I hope BPCI releases this info sooner rather than later.

      • I’m waiting for those stats as well. I hope BPCI posts the ladies plus official measurements in their website asap.

    • sometimes “confidence” can be mistaken for “arrogance.” She has the drive to win this.

      • my dear BHHA, if you can read between the lines, she (MJ) has that attitude, you can review her interviews videos and reactions, she’s really arrogant and self centered, to get attention even at the cost of others, hope this opens your eye.

      • I am quite puzzled as to why or how Ayalee didn’t make the cut, compared to one or two (whom I shall not name) of those that did…

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