5 comments on “One more time for Patricia Lae Ejercitado

  1. i like her too, she looks like lovie poe. just right packaging and she can bagged home the crown. iwasan lang sana ang makalumang style na hair-up. nakakasawa na! lugay kung lugay! that’s the trend!

  2. In fairness gusto ko sya pero sna mag experiement sya s buhok n babagay s knya kc npaka laki ng noo nya… I LOVE FILIPINA BEAUTY ( Kayumangging Kaligatan)

  3. Norman — Thank you for sharing this info. And I agree with you. Patricia is a perfect example of the beautiful morena — she even looks prettier and more polished now than she did a couple of years ago. She should easily make the cut this year as she did in 2010. She was actually one of my favorites back in 2010 (along with Venus Raj) and I was surprised and disappointed that Patricia did not even make it as a semifinalist that year. I believe that she will this year — and she could potentially climb as one of the top five. I truly wish her all the best.

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