4 comments on “Kagandahang Flores: Love them or Love them more?

  1. All of the above are outstanding candidates, but if I were to pick just one of them, I would choose Nicole Schmitz. In all her recent photos, she can really outwardly project this fearless personality. There is nothing timid about her, no sense of hesitation, and I like that. And I can only assume that her stage presence must be just as strong. She is a great fit as a Miss Universe candidate.

  2. Only Karen Gallman and Nicole Schmitz look promising among these girls. Personally, I choose Schmitz. We don’t need a Jimena look-alike.

    • being a ximena look-alike doesn’t make karen less of a stunner. she can use it as an advantage. mas ok nang makamukha ni ximena, kaysa naman makamuka ni madam stella.

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