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  2. Aaaay naku Miss Megan Young wag k ng sumali please lng OK? dhil kailangan nming Miss Philippines ung mlakas ang loob, determinadong sumali at higit s lhat di napilitang sumali… Sumama ung loob ko nung e post s missosology n di pla sya sasali pero ngaun npag isip ko n AYAW ko pla s kanya at di sya Miss Universe Material..Ay naku cgurado pag sya nanalo ligwak din sya s Miss Universe dhil prang dry sya, wala syang dating at higit s lhat boring.. Alam ko mraming mgagalit skin pero nagssabi lng ako ng tutuo. Pag sya nanalo hindi ri sya hahangaan ng mga international pagent fans dhil dpat ipadala ntin ung pure filipina beauty hindi ung half half n yan.

    • Sorry ka lang te, sia pa ang nanalo sa miss world, dahil determinado sia, at effortless lahat ng ginawa nia dun sa laban. Kung makajudge ka feeling mo tama lahat ng sinabe mo, pero mali ka naman. Ano naman kung half filipino half american sia? Di na rin mahalaga kung di sia pang miss universe atleast makakatulong parin sia sa mga tao sa buong mundo bilang Miss world. Wag kaseng judge ng judge, di ka naman judge Maria Erlinda Diaz. Yan bumalik tuloy lahat sayo lahat ng sinabe mo.

  3. hi Norman! Have you heard about the news that there’s a celebrity that will be joining “daw” coming from SMA herself? I am thinking that maybe, just maybe eh mapilit si Megan or it’s a strategy from Megan’s camp to do a RuggaG come Feb7….hhhmmm…

    btw, I’m definitely Team Bata since Day 1 and was hugely disappointed when she supposedly “backed-out” from joining.

  4. Wow sayang but there’s no point of joining if one feels that she’s not ready kasi kelangan mo ring i-prepare mo yung sarili mo emotionally kasi what it matalo.

    I wanted her to join kahit noon pa but I think this is a good decision considering the waves of really strong contenders who are screening this year, her face may get lost in the crowd.

    • Exactly one of the major reasons that led to her backing out. She probably wants to join in a year where the competition is not as tough, thereby increasing her chances of winning the top crown.

      • What you’re describing isn’t exactly the attitude of a winner. Her getting cold feet every 5 seconds does not a winner make. Perhaps it’s a blessing that Megan isn’t joining after all.

    • hehehe sana noon pa siya sumali
      anyway i don’t she’ll ever join
      by next year it’ll probably a stronger batch
      than what we have now and every year it’s going
      to be better than the year it followed
      next thing we know she has lost all her chances

      well maybe it’s not meant to be. although even if she joined
      i don’t want her to win bb. universe. i’m still sticking with
      those who look generally filipina and asian than caucasian

  5. The Miss Universe titles that were won by two Filipinas — Gloria Diaz and Margarita Moran — who at the time they joined did not consider themselves “ready” and admittedly and primarily joined, not to please themselves, but to please their family and friends — call it self-sacrifice, if you will — these two Miss Universe crowns would not have been won had Gloria and Margie carried the same self-serving attitude as Megan Young. This year is critical for the Philippines — Filipinos are very aware that the country needs to continue its momentum, especially in the Miss Universe pageant. Filipinos had been hoping and cheering Megan on because many felt that she was the Philippines’ best hope. But Megan predictably put herself and her insecurities above all else, of course. Although it is Megan’s prerogative to join (or not), she could at least admit that sometimes, it’s not just about “her” or her wanting to do it for “herself”. There are times when one has to join out of a sense of duty and service — to one’s friends, to one’s family, to her supporters, and even to one’s country. Thank God Gloria Diaz and Margie Moran had that sense of duty, enough to put their own self-interest and insecurities aside, and did what turned out to be the right thing to do! Bye-bye Megan.

  6. just like what she said, she’s not yet ready, it will reflect in her aura if she joined against her will. it also breaks my heart that she is not joining, but i dont think that she made us hopeful of her entering Bb., maybe she just realized that she’s not yet ready at the middle of all the trainings, we all experience that,sometimes we are so exited entering a new path, but at the middle of the way, we just realized that this is not the thing we really want.

  7. Awww.. This breaks my heart, Norman. I’d really love to see more of her. I can sense she has a lot to give. Anyway, hope she changes her mind. 🙂

    Thanks for the update!

  8. Personally kuya Normz…Disappointed ako…pero just like what she said di xa ganun ka-sigurado sa pag-Join..Dapat talaga eh meron kang DRIVE sa Pagsali….ung 100% kang Sigurado…

    Just like Others Sentiments….Para Kasing lumalabas na NAG-PAASA xa, coz andami pang mga pictures na naglabasan (with venuz, shamcey and even Jonas just like in your recent post), tapos may pa -train pa kay JOHN CUNAY sa GYM(if im not Mistaken) and even “LIKING” the facebook of TeamBata (Team Young)…….

    I know She’s Aware in all the Blogs, Forums that Most of Forumers rooting Her to win BB Pilipinas Universe 2012 and di na din nya Hinayaang i-HYPE Xa ng Karamihan……Just like Valerie Weighman kaagad nyang sinabi na di xa sasali..

    Di na sana nya pinatagal ung SAGOT “its either YES or NO” lang naman (may Twitter & FB naman), di na sana pinaabot sa Months and tinaon na BB Pilipinas Screening na!!

    Disappointed talaga ako hindi dahil sa HINDI xa Sumali…..Disappointed ako sa GINAWA nyang PAG-PAPAASa…..Pero sabi nga nya she’s open in joining BBP.

      • Norman and Jefferlyn — you are so right. She should and could have announced her decision weeks ago. But no. She saw this as an opportunity to make waves (leaked rumors, photos with Venus, etc.) and then she strung everyone along until the very end… this just goes to show that this starlet will do and say anything, exploit anyone, for her own publicity and hype — never mind all the good people whom she let down. This is all so self-serving and she got what she wanted out of the hype SHE encouraged. What does that say about HER character? Yes. SAD. Anyway, congratulations Megan for spinning us around your web. You certainly succeeded. Maybe next time you cry wolf, no one will be around to give a damn.

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