11 comments on “Her hard-to-forget name is Shekinah Rose Lasola

  1. She judge sometimes,,but not fair.. making me not to idolize her….Aside from that, she did not passed the Nursing Board Exam-this info was from my friend..hehehe..peace

  2. After taking a second look at this statuesque beauty (and photos of her on the internet), it struck me that Shekinah has a natural elegance about her and a regal aura — a rarity these days. She reminds me of the beauty queens of the late 60s and 70s — when class and elegance were the defining marks of winners (Charina Zaragoza, Vida Doria, Aurora Pijuan, Armi Crespo, Yogi Dominguez, Eva Pascual, Margie Moran, Chiqui Brosas to name a few).

    • There are a couple of conflicting reports about her real height (some say she is only 5’4″ or 5’5″, while others insist on 5’8″). Hopefully, she has the taller statistic when she shows up for BBP screening.

      • Well, let’s hope it’s 5’8″! Let’s also hope BPCI includes candidates’ vital statistics on their website this year — they did not last year and, thus, there was a lot of conflicting info on the candidates’ heights, etc.

  3. Her name is Shekina Rose Lasola not Shekina Jirah who incidentally is her younger sister.

  4. She also might consider joining Miss World Philippines. With just two international titles to give away, the BBP field this year is getting besieged with very competitive ladies that I would hate to see any of them wasted.

  5. She looks queenly. I can’t find any more pictures of her on the net, though. What does she look like “normally”?

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