7 comments on “Annalie Forbes: will the chanteuse sing her way to Bb. Pilipinas 2012?

  1. It seems a lot of beautiful Filipinas are coming out of the woodworks this year. Ali Forbes included.

  2. wow, exotic and very filipina. oozing sex appeal. just looking at the pict, she’s unforgettable. i hope she represents bulacan. like u kuya norman ,i’m also from bulacan. btw, kuya norman,have u met luzelle felipe, if im not mistaken , she’s also from hagonoy. i’m asking a favor kuya norman, if u have the means, and by all means, please help her, she has a lot of potentials,after all she’s the best in gown in shamcey’s batch, help her maybe by referring her to the best pageant trainors if u know some. thx kuya.

  3. I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous girls here…im looking forward to another good year for the philippines…

  4. Wow…one of the gorgeous girls ive see in your blog..mia of cebu too..kelan po ba malalaman ang official candidates?

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