7 comments on “Michelle Panemanglor: Can the Supermodel be a Super-beauty-queen?

  1. Supermodel of the World Phillipines winner’s has an oustanding legacy at Bb Pilipinas, to name few , example Marilyn Espino and Abby Arenas, aslo Lala Flores made good, and even won important titles like Bb Pilipinas World and Universe, so we can say that this lady has the right to join and win a title if her fate allows her to have it, Mabuhay, BPCI.

  2. Is that really her close-up photo (above)? I prefer her more exotic and duskier look on the second photo which proudly shows her more Asian features — the almond-shaped eyes, the prominent forehead and high cheekbones. That’s the look she should cultivate, which I think suits her best. She definitely has nothing to lose if she joins. With her extensive experience as a print and ramp model, smart beyond her years and articulate, at 5’9″, she is a true gem and could win one of the titles. It would truly be a waste if she didn’t join any of the major Philippines pageants this year.

    • That’s Michelle alright, her beauty shot as opposed to the hundreds of supermodel pics that flood the internet. At her age, she should really join this year.

  3. she maybe tall, beautiful and has a runway skills, but i can’t see a spark on her, dry beauty.

  4. I noticed that most candidates who made it to the MU semifinals..aside from the fact that she did well..
    1.She must be a talk of the town/controversial.
    2.People’s choice/online votes.
    3.”He” has a business on that country.
    4.Maybe a host country or host country’s favorite.
    5.Next host country?But this happened just sometimes..

    • yes that maybe true, but at the end of the day , the fate of the ladies still lies on the hands of the telecast judges,. miss universe is very transparent on that, and i believe that mr.trumph has no final say on who ever will be the winner, because if that thing happens, the credibility of the pageant will be at stake.

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