16 comments on “Can someone pluck this girl to join Bb. Pilipinas 2012?

  1. Actually she has a lot of sex scandal. I’ve known her since I was in high school. We both studied at Saint Louis School in Solano, Nueva Vizcaya. I actually know one of the guys who took the video. And as far as I could remember they the guys got kicked out. If you watch the video you’ll here a dog barking. That’s one of her sex scandals. I think it was already deleted though. 🙂

    • Oh what a pathetic mammal you are to stoop so low in coming up with such imaginations out of your insecurity..well..DROOL MARK…DROOL..

  2. Oh she’s our Miss Asia Pacific rep… love it!

    5’8 1/2 height… nice!

    I hope she gets tanned and her tatoo removed..

  3. she is very beautiful…but she has a big tatoo on the side of her torso… do they allow tats in bb Pilipinas?

    • Anna Buquid has one. But then again, she missed the cut to the Top 15. That should mean something. 😉

    • Bobby’s clearly a jealous lonely virgin who has nothing better to do than spit insults, and harsh biased rumor’s online, clearly a sad pitiful individual scrolling the net at night, alone and sexually frustrated and due to his/her lack of confidence and the crippling pain of being a submissive,insecure hollow rock of a person in real life, has decided to release all that pent up frustration whilst hiding behind a screen and unleash the power of the keyboard to recapture the feeling of being a bigger cunt, than the cunt that already is.

      comment trolls should fuck off. 🙂

  4. She’s very pretty, very attractive and she is stunning and is a very strong contender, I don’t understand this people, you should see how she walks and talks you’ll be amazed! carl… you’re an IDIOT!! practice your grammar!!

  5. she’s beautiful in this one … but [sorry] she doesn’t have ‘it’ … she’ll surely drown in a competition … again sorry for having a different opinion 😛

  6. she might not have ‘it’ for a beauty pageant .. will have to see her other pics 😀

    • Whattt?? I saw one of Hillarie Danielle Ang Parungao’s sex scandals. This girl has many sex scandals, haven’t you seen one? Try typing Hillarie Parungao sex scandal on Google and it will appear, but the video has been deleted. How come she was chosen to represent Philippines?? Is that the new trend nowadays? Sex scandal a pre-requisite to represent Philippines? She is from Nueva Vizcaya and has really bad reputation there. Omg wake up people it embarrasses the whole country

      • Wow… you really made an effort creating this comment… guess what.. I know Hillarie in person and what your saying are a bunch of lies. 🙂

        Why are you so threatened by the girl who just gave us a 3rd runner up finnish at an International pageant?… Is it really her your targeting or the new beauty camp who recently proved that they are a force to reckon with?! 🙂

      • Pathetic insecure imbecile who has nothing to do in life but wallow in misery and pull others down..oh what a lonely life you’ve got Hoffer..why dont you just shove your f__ng ass to your polluted mouth and mind..we know hillarie and she is an awesome and most real person i ever met and not even a devil like you can pull her down..drop dead asshole!

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