10 comments on “Cebu’s Mia Arcenas will target a Bb. Pilipinas win

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  2. i think that she is pretty and she has what it takes, but i hope people take note that she isn’t the only one who has those qualities. But if she wants it, then she can go for it. No one has the right to stop her dreams. But hi-lighting that she is from a rich, prominent or the socialite that she is, is a little shallow. I know that she has all that but that isn’t valid to categorize a Bb. Pilipinas win. If that’s the case, then that pageant is a sham. I don’t have to describe to the blogger about what it takes to win that title. I think everybody knows that. Rich or poor, you got what it takes. Financial status doesn’t make you win. If you’re trying to promote her, don’t make her look like a bratty rich girl because I know she’s not. Focus on her values more. This is poor marketing when it comes to promoting beauty queens. Look it up.

    • Parsley, I read my article again and I didn’t promote Mia as a “bratty rich girl”. If at any, I added that she finished her degree Summa cum Laude. Also, I never indicated that her being scion of a prominent clan from Cebu would guarantee a win in the pageant. What I stressed is that she is willing to start from square one in achieving the dream of becoming a beauty queen. In the history of Bb. Pilipinas, I can’t remember a time when a victory was “influenced” by the perceived power of a candidate’s family.

  3. With so many other beauties that are anticipated to join BBP 2012, it will be difficult for Mia if judging by physical beauty alone to make it to the top 3. This is not to say she’s not beautiful — she IS — but the competition this year will be unprecedented. Reading Mia’s bio, it appears to me that her most impressive asset is her brain and her family background — these factors denote good breeding and class. Her being educated abroad implies she’s very fluent and articulate in English and would be great and not shy when it comes to public speaking. She sounds more like Miss World material to me. So if I were her, I would set my eyes on the Miss World Philippines title and get a headstart by creating her own charity foundation for orphans or maybe a free children’s clinic in Cebu (she has the bucks) ASAP, like NOW so she has that as one of her credentials when she interviews with Cory Quirino at the MWP prelims. That sort of thing also will impress the hell out of Julia Morley.

    • well said Glenn Dyer! i couldn’t agree more with you. and may i add:
      why rich people like her are unfriendly. sorry, to grab a crown is a combination of those hardship experiences all the way to cleanliness, to friendliness…etc…

  4. at far, she looks like gwen ruais, but i other than that ,i can’t think of any wow factor to compliment her. maybe enough to be a contestant, but to be in the top 5, pray to all the saints she knows. peace!

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