8 comments on “Miss Philippines Earth 2012 joins the fray

  1. I dropped by and noticed… For Miss Philippines Earth 2012 candidate Thoreen Halvorsen don’t deserve joining the pageant. She’s a nice person that has a bad reputation in the city.

  2. this is soo funny! yes we know that BBP, MWP and MPE starts the screening of the girls.. but you dont even have the dates of the final screening of the each pageants and you say that the three will be in fray! hmmm… Rveal first the dates of the final screening! then i will start trusting your posts!

    • Mark, when I used the word ‘fray’ above, I wasn’t referring to their final screenings happening almost on the same dates. If you will take the time to read again, my point is that both MWP & MPE have adjusted their 2012 schedules earlier, thereby coinciding with the weekly screenings of BBP which traditionally happens around this month. In the case of MWP, MW2012 will take place in August instead of the usual November or December. And since Carousel has also opened their doors for this year’s search, the result is that all 3 national pageants are simultaneously vying for the attention of prospective candidates. This is where the ‘fray’ part figuratively enters the picture.

  3. What worries me about the inability of contestants to freely cross over from one pageant to the next (either by pageant rules or because pageant dates overlap) is that somehow the best bets might not make it to the right pageant…

      • True. Fate and serendipity has favored Philippine candidates since Venus Raj, in the fight of her life with BPCI, broke the decade-long Miss Universe curse in 2010. Can’t wait to see if fate and serendipity will grant the same favors again this year.

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