5 comments on “Luzelle Felipe: All systems go for Bb. Pilipinas 2012? or better luck in 2013?

  1. well if she needs language enhancement, she just needs to go back to bpc and enroll in our call center management course, a year of training at ccm assures her of L2 fluency…

  2. I really think she has a lot of potential but her performance at the Q&A last year really was a hit-and-miss. I agree that another year of training wouldn’t hurt her chances, but jumping too soon might. And she’s only 19 this year, right? The country should groom its beauty queens like Olympian athletes and not train them for just 3 or 4 months but for at least a year like they do in Venezuela. Someone (Mrs. Araneta perhaps?) should send Luzella to the States for several months to have her be immersed in a completely English speaking environment (like China did for their MU 2011 candidate) if she has her sights at being competitive internationally. All things being equal, communication skills will either make or break a candidate when it boils down to the final Q&A. Physically, Luzelle’s already near perfect.

    • luzelle can speak english fluentlt compare to janina san miguel and gatbonton. but asking mrs.araneta to sponsor luzelle’s language enhancement is such a mission impossible, madame stella can’t even sponsr the wardrobes of the winners, so how can she spend for someone who is just an aspiring candidate.

      • Yes, I’ve heard of Madame Stella’s quirkiness. How could someone be so rich and be so cheap… heaven only knows.

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