8 comments on “Linda Backlund: Do you want to see her in Bb. Pilipinas 2012?

  1. Well, if she did join her dad in Norway, and assuming she could claim Norwegian citizenship via the “jus sanguinis” principle”, she might consider competing for Miss Norway… she certainly would stand out among all the other Scandinavian candidates.

  2. shamcey supsup is really one in a million, seldome that we find a total packaged girl. yes, linda has the physical attributes, but if she can’t deliver herself well in a conversation, she will just end up as a thank you girl.

  3. She certainly has potential, especially at 5’9. She should only join if she’s truly overcome her difficulties at communication. Remember Janina San Miguel? Let’s hope we don’t see a repeat of that. A sort of unrelated question: Janina could make one helluva candidate (she’s only 21 or 22 this year) assuming she’s polished her communication skills. Is Janina still eligible to join BBP, or has she been completely banned from the pageant being forced to resign back in ’08?

    • I highly doubt it if BPCI will still welcome Janina for another edition. She can try with MWP or MPE if she wants to take the risk.

      • janina can’t join anymore, she was pregnant then when she was dethroned. a press release that she resigned was published just for humanitarian reason. better for her to concentrate on her PAMILY. hehehe

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