10 comments on “CD Watch: “More Than Just Renditions” by Reuben Laurente

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  2. aintimidate naman ako sa mga posts, ang masasabi ko lang kuya, kung mapapakilala mo ko kay reuben, at maing kami e kukunin kitang ninang. joke…….ang gwapo nya talaga………

  3. Thanks Norman for your blog…WORLD CLASS talaga ang PINOY! I shared your blog to all my friends in FB. I’m based here in Australia and been here for 20 years now. One time I went home to the Philippines, I specifically went to a Music Store just to look for THE COMPANY’s Music CD because one of the songs I fell in love with is EVERLASTING LOVE…Not knowing that REUBEN is the lead singer, I always play that song in my car over and over while driving…and it;s such a small world indeed coz Reuben is Allyn’s (my best friend at Uni) little brother whom she always proud to mention to us whenever he wins in singing competitions etc. REUBEN is so gifted and he definitely knows how to thank God for that gifted talent bestowed upon him. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK IN PROMOTING WORLD CLASS FILIPINO TALENT!

    By the way, maybe you could look into featuring another Filipino talent on your blog next time, his name is NEIL DAZA, Neil is a friend and my batch mate in High School, He is a Director in the Movie Industry and he recently won an award in the movie EMIR …Here’s a link behind the scenes of the man in action.. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.405304006442.187389.649171442&type=3 …I’m so proud of the talents we have from our country…WORLD CLASS Indeed! MORE POWER and ALL THE BEST FOR 2012! HAPPY NEW YEAR MATE!

    NORA Tonel TYSOE

    • Thanks for dropping by, Nora. Reuben is truly one of our more underrated performers. He should’ve been more popular as a solo artist if you ask me.
      And about Neil Daza, I think I may have already met him when he was just eking out a name in the advertising industry. He has also gone places. 🙂

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  5. You’re most welcome, Reuben. You deserve the feature. People should realize that you sacrificed a lot when you went solo. And now that you have found what you love doing the most (more than pop tunes and love songs), spread your wings even more. Happy New Year! 😉

  6. after excitedly dragging your blogsite on to my fb account, i started reading your blog about me…thank you Norman so much… you are encouragement to me to just do what i enjoy doing most and just give all the praises back to Him , the source of all blessings.

    you have just touched me and put tears to my eyes. your support will go a long way – you are one of the reasons why i still do what i love doing the most. May the good LORD bless you more for this unconditional gift.

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