18 comments on “Samantha Lewis for Binibining Pilipinas 2012: Is she ready for battle?

  1. So… does anyone know or has anyone heard if Samantha’s joining any pageants this year?

  2. I think she and Megan Young are the ones to beat this year. Samantha has a natural beauty, great jaw line, tall, long legs, articulate and intelligent (cum laude grad). She looks fabulous even with very little make-up. She’s natively fluent in English so there’s less chance of any Q&A mishaps here. I’m betting she’ll grab one of the top 2 titles if she joins BBP. Or perhaps — even better — join Miss World Philippines later this year — she is exactly the type Julia Morley is looking for — beautifully youthful, smart and articulate. Plus she is half British (Morley would really like that)! She might just bag the first Miss World title for the Philippines…

      • Julia Morley has an obvious soft spot for candidates with British connections — and it shows, judging by the number of winners from former British territories — India, Gibraltar, Australia, Nigeria, Ireland, Jamaica, Trinidad Tobago, Bermuda, Grenada, etc. Miss United Kingdom has won Miss World five times, second only to Venezuela and the same as India. Julia doesn’t make excuses for this “preferential treament” (if you can call it that), either. She’s an English woman and proud of it! Candidates with British connections definitely do get noticed and it provides a step in the door ahead of other candidates. For Samantha, this bodes very well.

      • I hear you, Glenn. If I’m not mistaken, we had a candidate way back – Sherry Rose Byrne – who is of mixed race. I’m just not sure if she is half-Brit, but she made it to the Top 15 and was also awarded Asia’s Queen of Beauty.

  3. GO SAM you know that we will support you anytime 🙂 SAM is the lady with beauty and brains… 🙂

  4. GO sam, don’t prejudge her. she’s more than what you think she is. personality wise, physically and mentally. she graduated cum laude. proof that she has the brains to answer the Q&A portion for sure! 🙂 and hello, sexy, tangkad, ganda?? 🙂 SAM na YAN!!! 🙂

  5. upon looking at her, she looks like just an ordinary girl nextdoor. It should be someone that has a unique beauty that could stands out. Look at the first runner up miss universe 2011 and Venus. No doubt that this girl is pretty, but a beauty queen material. Just my thoughts.

  6. OMG! I hope Samantha wins BBP Universe. How could anyone think otherwise? Look at her! I didn’t know this girl even existed until I read your post. As a professional model, she’s already primed to walk the stage. And at 5’10” she has more than what it takes. I hope really hope Samantha joins this year and continue the Philippines’ momentum at the Miss Universe pageant. I’ve been hoping Isabel Daza would join, but Samantha’s just as great a candidate.

      • What are the prospects of Isabel Daza ever joining the BBP? She has publicly made statements in the past saying she would never join. I’m sure that if she were to represent the Philippines in the Miss Universe pageant, she would at least make it as a semifinalist and possibly make it all the way to the top 5. Knowing Trump’s penchant for attention-grabbing news, Isabel’s Miss Universe lineage of a mother would surely be NEWS that would be to Trump’s liking — especially if Isabel duplicated her mom’s victory. Oh well, for now this is all wishful thinking.

  7. i don’t like her, boring personality. i would love to see isabel daza next to our shitzu queen,gwendoline.

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