11 comments on “Will Valerie Weigmann be allowed to join Binibining Pilipinas 2012?

  1. Leaving the legalities and conflict-of-interest issues aside, she looks stunning. As for the so-called “topless” photoshoot, if her back was to the camera and her breasts were not exposed, why even consider that “topless”? BBP should reassess some of its standards and join the 21st century. The age of Maria Clara has long gone. Trump doesn’t mind his beauty queens going topless, so why should that be considered a disqualification by Mrs. Araneta for local girls attempting to join Trump’s Miss Universe pageant?

    • reassessing the standards of the pageant would’nt be enough, ousting stella is the solution, and putting kuya norman as the director is a genius act,.

      • Oh my, basil, you have a lot of faith in me. If I only have a philanthropic scale of money, I would run everything. 😉

  2. there’s no doubt that she will be rejected. a topless photograph is more than enough reason for her to be rejected by the stupid screening committees of the Bb. i agree w/ orange, maegan is more appealing. i can’t see a xfactor on valerie. she has the height, the face, an english fluency, but that’s all, no charisma at al.

  3. Kuya normz, question…isn’t manhattan garden city a megaworld project? or a joint-project with the aranetas? if that’s the case, then that’s really a conflict of interest 😦

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