4 comments on “Kantapat Peeradachainarin of Thailand wins Miss Tourism Queen International 2011!

  1. This Chinese-owned pageant is a STRANGE — some countries like Thailand are allowed to send two delegates (Miss Thailand and Miss Phuket, etc.), and the first runner-up is from an island territory of Brazil, effectively making her the second delegate from Brazil! The winner Miss Thailand, sad to say, if judged by even the most minimal of international beauty standards I bet won’t even make it to the shortlist of a real international pageant like MU or MW. One has to think twice about what standards drive MTQI. I guess it’s safe to assume that since it IS an industry-driven pageant ($$$) — whatevever tourist destination has the pull and the bucks, wins! If it were up to me, I would not send future Philippine delegates to this pageant (or any pageant with the word “TOURISM” in it — there are far too many of these tourism pageants to even count)!

    • You find the pageant strange. I actually look at them as full of favoritism. If Thailand, Indonesia and Brazil are allowed to have separate representatives for tourist hotspots – such as Phuket, Bali and Fernando de Noronha, respectively – the Philippines should have a Miss Boracay just as well.

  2. Still, isabella did a great job. but we must admit that te winners are stunners especially Ms. Fernando,it’s my first time of hearing that nation. i just wonder why Belarus doesn’t join thwe Miss Universe, they are so beautiful. i hope to see isabella in MW-Phl

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