4 comments on “The fall and RISE of Athena Mae Imperial in Miss Earth 2011

  1. she definitely has CHARISMA. she’s smart and witty too… i think she’s pretty also…

    we phil’s should be proud of her…

  2. Even if she has enough brains and confidence to express something that would make sense on stage, I personally do not think she can outshine Shamcey in that area as she has claimed during an interview with Boy Abunda. Shamcey is as brainy as she is strikingly beautiful, and there is no way Athena could ever compare to her. Besides, I do agree that the judges were being bias–obviously the pageant was held in the “Philippines.” Consider it a home court advantage that served Athena well and landed her the title of Miss Earth Water. She is a typical bario lass beauty who is more deserving of a bario beauty queen title or Reyna Elena position in the Santa Cruzan. I’m sure there are other brainy and far more beautiful morena Filipina beauties more deserving of her title.

  3. that is why there were judges, they define beauty and elegance based on their perception… if somebody placed on whatever top they deserved it because they were chosen by the judges… your opinion is of value but maybe you should have weigh it better… godbless

  4. yup, ther’s nothing we can do but to accept the result. thx to tita lorraine and to ms.untalan for their divine interception.

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