2 comments on “The Beauty Queens pay tribute to Pitoy Moreno

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  2. pitoy is great, but i think his designs are out of trends. having seen jennifer barrientos reminds me how poor and blind the taste of Bb.Pilipinas in choosing the winner. daniel Castano should have been the winner on her year,2008. shamcey,venus and bianca are great, but poor bianca a victim of pageant politics,. speaking of venus, i have this observation on her ,everytime she speaks, she always laughs in the end, is she crazy? in every interview, she always do that, so rehearsed. venus, the pageant is over, throw away the manerisms you’ve learned which i think the reasons why you just landed up on the 5th place.stop laughing and smiling even when the topic is serious, and please stop saying THAK YOU THANK YOU,

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