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  1. The Miss Universe 2012 will be held at Houston, Texas, USA on December 11, 2012 and this is official and final information I got from MU Wikipedia. So prepare and pack your things now and we will see you there on December 11, 2012. None of the counrties mention in this blog has ever a chance to host this beauty contest. Good luck to all our candidates..

  2. The announcement will come out by the end of this month, I have been told from a direct source that Sun City will NOT hold this even. So it looks like its going to be a 40+ trip for me from Singapore to South America… Expensive but will be worth it.

  3. I’ve read the host country announced is going to be the Dominican Republic.

    If it is true as a dominican I’m very happy to see this contest for the second time here. Last time 1978 won Trinidad and Tobago also a black winner.

    By the other hand, does the choice of the host country will rest the possibility of the local winner get the crown ? Amelia Vega is our unique MU 1993 held in Panama, others dominican contestants has been so close to the crown also, Marianne Cruz Fernandez 2nd runner-up and our almost winner the strong candidate Ada Aimee de la Cruz held in the Bahamas.

  4. In soccer, whoever wins will host the next tournament. Why can’t MU do the same? Make Angola the host for MU 2012? Or if Angola can’t afford because it is a poor developing country, perhaps India can. India is quite wealthy, big, and has never host any international beauty pageant before.

    • That would’ve been a good practice, except that the World Cup and Miss Universe have widely different demographics as well as number of devoted followers. Honor may be the common factor, but it doesn’t always translate to big profits for beauty pageants, as compared to sports.

  5. Hello Norman why not Philippines hold the 2014 Miss Universe pageant since the Miss U organization said becore that Philippines is like a second home to them and there was a rumor becore that it should be held every 20 years because of the warm hospitality o the Filipino people and we love pageants everywhere. Ee have so many pageants that even barangay pageants is being held every year and everywhere. Just a thought. Can’t the BB Pilipinas and the government Bid the 2014 Miss Universe????

    • Joerell, I would always support the Philippine hosting of Miss Universe. But then again, it involves a grand amount of money (in dollars) and from a business point of view, a beauty pageant is not always the best investment, hit-or-miss if you will. The two times that we did host (1974 and 1994), the profits were not really significant. In fact, the 1994 edition ended up in a loss for those who shelled out money. Tourism did not benefit that much as well. Bottomline is this. If a Philanthropist has money to burn and would love to finance MU here, then fine. On the other hand, talks are that the country (through Manny Pangilinan) will bid to host Miss World 2015. Better to have something like this to look forward to, right? 😉

  6. To Hercy Nieva – You reaised good points but I can’t help but started to laugh as I went on reading your subsequent responses to Norman. I think your just being too paranoid and over critical minded. Think of this, when your in the internet even, risks are there and the same is true when you are out there, anywhere. Risks is everywhere and can never be eliminated. After all if it can be, will there be such a risk as inherent in description?

  7. While Hugo Chavez is alive Donald Trump will never hold the Miss Universe pageant in venezuela. Trump despises Chavez and will never bring any dollars to him. I expect it to be in Guadalajara, Mexico

  8. i think philippines is the best to host the miss universe 2012 because its more fun in the philippines

  9. wow looking back i was the first to comment in here. Still today i dont have any ideas where the next pageant be held. Everyone has their own host country its so dificult to know where exactly

    • True. I’m giving it until the Miss USA finals in early June for confirmation of the venue.

  10. The Miss Universe 1982 pageant in Lima -Peru was one of the most beautiful , well done,
    very creative, and expectacular celebration ever done before in the MU.
    As a southamerican country, we have to recognize the big effor and the desire to accomplished
    to show the world that the pageant can be done in any latin american country. Chile can be the
    next surprise… why not? or maybe Peru again…

    • I agree that the 1982 edition of MU was one of the best. The finals’ venue was, quite simply, awe-inspiring.

  11. if i would ask among the three option,,,i prefer cheli why? because cheli has the capacity to handle and manage the big event like miss universe,,and yet they can afford all the expenses
    to be used in that particular event…….


  13. All the comments above do not mention about crime rate, peace and security. Don’t forget that we are exposing 80 plus young, very beautiful ladies all over the world, compacted into one single venue. South Africa, Mexico, and most Latin countries have very high rates of crime.

    • But then again, both South Africa and Mexico have successfully hosted past Miss World and Miss Universe editions. That should also amount to something. 🙂

      • Granted that they (contestants) were lucky that nothing bad happened to them, would you like to keep exposing them to danger? I don’t know where you live, but do you feel comfortable going to a dangerous neighborhood?

      • At the end of the day, only countries who signify their interest in bidding to host an expensive pageant are considered. We really cannot do anything about the crime rates, except hope that the chosen organizers maximize all their efforts to insure the security of the candidates. Both MUO and MWO are not in a position to “force” a supposedly “safe” (but disinterested) country to shoulder the enormous logistics of running a worldwide beauty contest.

      • Many years ago, MWO was about to hold the contest in Nigeria. Then the Muslim community nearly rioted, the girls were so frightened, forcing them not to go out of their hotel, and Julia Morley was forced to haul all the girls to London to do it there. It was December, and all the girls’ wardrobe was intended for a hot country like Nigeria. Had Ms. Morley did her homework, this kind of faux pas would have been avoided. Winter clothes for Miss Philippines were donated through the generosity of the Filipinos living in London.

      • That unfortunate incident in Nigeria was well….unfortunate. But in all the decades that various countries around the globe hosted the Miss U and Miss W, such occurrences are very very rare. Otherwise, Donald Trump and Julia Morley would be permanently stuck with the US and London, respectively. And that wouldn’t be good for business. Risks are everywhere and even the safest of countries are not guaranteed of absolute security 24/7 – be it in Asia, Europe, Africa, North/South America, the Caribbean or Australia.

      • For someone like me who used to work in insurance, taking unneccessary risks could be very expensive and bankrupt your business if something catastrophic happens. For instance, if you are holding say a one day concert in Los Angeles, as against a one day concert in Mexico, which premium do you think will be higher? Most insurance companies will not even insure events occuring in certain parts of Asia (North Korea, Myammar), most countries in Africa, Latin American countries and definitely none in the Middle East, whose political systems are very unstable. You sleep one night, the next morning, you hear on the radio there is a different president because of coup de etat.

      • Well, Hercy, I appreciate your thoughts and replies. But we are digging way too deep into a subject matter that doesn’t significantly weigh in the minds of national beauty queens, pageant fans, supporters and country organizers (even the majority of readers in this blog) right now. Ask them and the pomp, pageantry, glamour, and excitement of the competition are far more interesting. Whoever ends up hosting Miss U – be it South Africa, Mexico, or the US – knows what they are getting into. And Donald Trump is much too wise a businessman to put his organization in danger. 🙂

      • You are right in some aspects, like Donald Trump being a clever businessman. Why do you think he changed the policy of allowing transgender into the competition? Because it will generate much publicity without him paying a dime, and publicity is way very expensive, as I’m sure you are aware. As for the fans, and beauty queens, ignoring the perils of holding the pagent in just any country, let me tell you this. It would only take one chaotic incident, and most of the participating countries will no longer send in their representative the following year. If I’m the parent of a “Miss”, I will forbade her to participate if the host country is not safe. Better to have an uncrown daugther than to have a dead one.

      • If everyone will adopt your line of thinking, then international pageants should be scrapped altogether because no ‘safe’ country will be forced to host them. But with MU and MW being the institutions that they are right now, I highly doubt it if the people behind them will overlook the issue you’re raising, i.e safety and security in the host country. Besides, which countries would you classify as 100% safe at the moment?

      • Norman, I’m sure you’ve never been married and never have any kids. But if you’ve been married like me, but wife passed away, and you raised two kids on your own, you will never take life for granted, nor exposed them to any danger.

      • You are right, Hercy. But it appears that we are taking this discussion way beyond the interest levels on who will host Miss U later this year. We might as well continue talking about this once MUO has decided on which country.

    • @hercy If ever that your daughter is one of the candidates,and your main concern is safety. Then MUO can provide a more convenient avenue for your daughter,maybe during the swimsuit ,evening gown and q/a,your daughter will be aired via skype. If that will satisfy you.
      But what I am mostly concern of, is the safety of your children with your custody. I’m afraid of their independence and a chance to grow normally because of your jurassic thinking.

      • Thanks Basil for the complement. For your info, yes my kids are very good looking, and intelligent maybe due to their mixed race (I’m a Filipino, while their mom is from India). Yes, I raised them very well, daughter never had an abortion, nor get pregnant, while son did not impregnated someone. Both of them have no rap sheets, nor involvement with the criminal justice system.

    • You are so funny,…
      Signs and Symptoms of a Schitzoprenic patient:
      5.FLIGHT of IDEAS
      6…and many others

      You’re talking too much,your reasoning is out of the topic. It’s like defining ugliness yet your answer explains about happiness!
      Try to have some rest and visit a psychiatrist asap!

      • Oh, really, Basil? For your info, I took up psychiatric nursing in England. Perhaps you need one yourself.

    • Readers of this blog have a normal judgement, just by reading your previous comments ,they would probably mistaken you as a runaway psyche patient.
      I salute your children for having endured your insane mentality!
      Thanks to them,good daughters indeed,thanks to their mother,and to their father,talk to your hand!

      • I agree with u Basil!Your argument with Henry is going far away from the concern topic.What we should consider now is which country of the world is most suited to host the Miss Universe 2012.Not only the beauty pageant has choosen the most beautiful woman of the world it also helps in bringing peace and harmony and co-operation and intimacy among the different countries of the world.Am I right?

  14. I think it is best in south africa so that the reigning miss angola will crown her successor in the continent were she belong.

  15. the beauty of the philippines shinning through it must be in the philippines

  16. It is more fun in PHILIPPINES!!

    I swear! , Makati City, Antipolo City, Batangas City or Cebu City

  17. I think Guadalajara might be fitted from the three next my choice is Chile as many beauty pageants have been taken place in Sun city of South Africa.I think this time the MUO must tried something new.I think it is the right time that the MUO should paid their attention to Asian countries to encourage the girls of this continent as many smart and qualified contestants nowadays come from this continent.So I think India,Phillipines or Thailand is suited for the coming pageant of this year.

    • that’s true…. Philippines is really great… .to be the host of the miss universe this year because Filipinas were so smart just like me….

      • I hope so!Philipinas are smart n gud looking!Nt only gals there is a number of handsome boys also

  18. the best country to host the miss universe 2012 is the philippines because the people there was cool, and they respect who will be crown the tittle.

  19. 1. Chile 2. South Africa 3. Mexico

    Even though the pageant was held in South America last year, Santiago would be a welcomed host city. It has the infrastructure to host the pageant. It is a safe venue. Chilenos are also pageant fans. Chile is a beautiful country…lots to show off to the world.

    South Africa would be an acceptable alternative. It was supposed to have hosted in 1996 but that did not pan out. If South Africa can host the World Cup, why not the Miss Universe pageant?

    Mexico…I love Mexico, it has hosted it several times, but I really do not appreciate the rowdiness and impolite, anti-American spectators…recall the 1993 pageant? What about the booing of Miss USA when she reached the finals despite having fallen in 2007?

  20. Don’t do it in any country with high crime rate, like Mexico, or South Africa. Or in any Latino country. Argentina fans rioted when a Filipino boxer was declared a winner over their favorite son, an Argentian boxer, passed his prime. When MU was last held in Puerto Rico, Miss Puerto Rico won. The best bet would be India, Singapore, or Thailand. Donald Trump and his crew should start doing their homework.

    • Correction, the last time the pageant was in Puerto Rico, 2002, Miss Russia won.

  21. I would love to see the pagent be held in South Africa. Please let it not be in Mexico thought the audience can be very cruel.

  22. Please don’t do it in Mexico. The crowd was very rude to Miss USA, and showed their biased towards Miss Mexico. If you are the host country, you should show respect and impartiality to the other contestants. Latino culture are very poor losers. Be it in beauty contests, boxing, or soccer games.

  23. I thought Panama and the Philippines is bidding to host Miss U this year??? why is that they are not on the list?? yet, I strongly agree with you, Mexico is the best contender among the three top choices….

    • yeah that’s true… panama and the philippines is most beautiful to be the host of the miss universe 2012… please held the ms. universe either in 2012 or on 2013

  24. i would love to want being in guadalajara, cuty is beautyful, is been remodeleted cause for the panamerican games, and people is very nice there and miss universe 2010 is from there and puertonvallarta is so close…

  25. From all 3 choices, I prefer it in Chile. I remember back in 2007 when it was held in Mexico. I didn’t like much of the crowd’s reaction/behavior.

    • I agree, i prefer Chile as well to Host the 2012 MU. Last time, it was held in Mexico, the crowd’s are so… out of control. Also, it will be good for Chile, to show the World the beauty of their country in South America.

  26. INDIA will be most probably hosting miss universe 2012 at mumbai and udaipur…….

    • I hear you, Rafael. It’s always best to send your beautiful representatives to the grand-slam pageants abroad than within Mexico. Besides, it would be nice to see Chile or Argentina as host country. I just hope that rumors that the 2012 edition will be held again in the Bahamas are not true. Nothing personal against the Caribbean island. Just a matter of personal preference.

  27. What are the 2 remaining countries on the list? Is there any asian countries interested?

    • The two remaining countries remain unannounced and no Asian country have seriously bidded so far. China would have been the closest to a serious contender but for 2013 probably.

  28. I thought if im not mistaken it is Panama who will be hosting the next miss universe? And Mexico recently just hosted it right? Chile might be a fitting choice for me. Its about time for them steal to the international scene. What do you think huh Norman?

    • Hotaru, Panama is out of the picture. I also like Chile but South Africa is where I like to see the pageant held. Mexico last hosted in 2007 but submitted a strong bid as well. 😉

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