7 comments on “Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 Kimberley Leggett is a stunner!

  1. I think the MUMO is missing the point of the fact of Deborah’s non placement. They are supposed to be sending an Asian candidate and not a Caucasian-looking representative. I think Kimberly is too english-looking and does not exude any Asian trait in her beauty.

    • I think the organizers had their eyes on Kimberley right from the start of the beauty camp. I may be wrong but the other contenders were there just to fill candidates’ slots. It’s really tough having Deb Henry as benchmark.

      • i see. so the contest seemed just for formalities sake. hehehe
        well i don’t know, i may be wrong but this will be another year that they will miss the cut. i think they did not search well. most of the contestants cannot even qualify under the beautiful category for pageant.

    • It’s funny you mention that because folks on the website below were debating the same thing. There is a concern that it may not be a coincidence that this year and last year’s winner (Kimberley and Deborah) were picked, given their European heritage. I’m annoyed that my country feels the need to send someone who’s Caucasian looking to improve their chances of doing well because I feel that pure Malaysians are as beautiful and intelligent. As far as I’m concerned, she does not represent Malaysia given her family and educational background.


      • I know how you feel in the same manner that when judges prefer the amerasians and eurasians in Philippine Pageantry. It’s not that they do not have the right to join but to have them represent an asian country is quite anomalous because it defeats the purpose which is diversity. I don’t mind if the girl has caucasian blood but if she is more caucasian than asian then she is not a representative of her country much more the region.

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