7 comments on “Quo vadis, Miss Philippines?

  1. Im pretty sure you had a miss world forecast and delegates analysis here, where can i find it? I wanna see this ms phil who won. Do you also have the pacquiao marquez topic? Haha I am blown away by the over 1 million views on your blog. Wow! That sure keeps you going huh.

      • Thanks a lot bud. Sorry if im always asking questions. My inexpensive phone isn’t working properly so its a bit of a struggle browsing your site. But thanks, the link will be a great help. I’ll read about your previous posts later. About the boxing thing, my filipino peers keep talking about that match and i think maybe its time to join the band wagon. I haven’t watched the fight yet, i heard its very controversial. Im a pacquiao fan of course. I thought you could give me some insights, too bad you haven’t touched that topic.

      • No worries, hotaru. I didn’t blog about the boxing match because it was too close and my knowledge (or lack of it) in boxing just isn’t enough to support my views. The only thing I can say is that if the fight was 75% psy war, then Pacquiao would have lost even before the 1st round began. I don’t want to look at Marquez as his waterloo, but it looks like that in my opinion. Good thing the judges prevailed in terms of technicalities. 😉

  2. Hey norman buddy whats up!? Wow! fierce and very straightforward insights you have here. Its been a while since i last peeked in your blog. I’d say you had really ‘renovated’ this site. Haha i like the old set up, its a little bit confusing for me, maybe im not quite used to it. Anyways keep up the good work dude. And congratulations. Heard about miss world. But i think shamcey is still the best. Haha

    • Hey Hotaru! Nice to see you posting again. Well, I have to give my blog a fresh look every so often. Anyways, I’m sure Shamcey is really your type. See you around! 😉

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