4 comments on “Miss International 2011 is Maria Fernanda Cornejo of Ecuador!

  1. Miss International 2011 would have been Miss Venezuela ( Jessica Barboza), Venezuela’s representative to Miss International 2011 and Miss Earth 2010 had ( Elizabeth Mosquera) not won Miss International 2010. Look at the trend MI 1997 is Venezuela, MI 1998 , 1st runner up venezuela. MI 2000, Venezuela, MI 2011 1st Runner up, venezuela.. MI 2010 Venezuela, MI 2011 1st runner up Venezuela. 😦

  2. The girl from Ecuador was vey beautiful, but the rest of the candidates were aldo pretty.

  3. The Chinese hosts were quite open to some media reps that another Latina will win this year. True enough, Miss Ecuador won, with Venezuela, Panama & Puerto Rico in the Top 5. If it’s any consolation, Venezuela did not achieve a back-to-back. The inclusion of Mongolia in the Top 5 was more of goodwill than anything else. Let’s be happy that Dianne made the Top 15 cut and copped the Miss Internet trophy. 🙂

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