7 comments on “GMA-7’s Protege’: Who will be eliminated next?

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  3. and there’s more… for the STUPID kenneth moricoconut brain.. you will never ever reach somewhere with your behavior… you seem so good at judging yourself.. i guess, it’s better for you to just go back home and ask your mom to do the things you want in your life…. tsk…tsk….

  4. if there is someone so stupid enough having a hard time learning from his mentor… that would be kenneth… and i will bet my life that he will be eliminated next…. VERY VERY VERY STUPID AND VERY ANNOYING IDIOT!!!! tsk…tsk….. i don’t even know what Jayar is doing with that moron…. you can just throw him out like some nasty garbage… he does not deserve even a figment of mentoring…. grrr… stupid… stupid… stupid

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