12 comments on “Kerbie Zamora: The star of Remington’s best friend will also shine

  1. waaaaaaaaaah where can i find you kerbie uR my ultimate cRUsssssshhhhhhhhhhhh!
    take care alwayz and God bless…….

  2. Before I got the chance to hear the name Kerbie Zamora, there were only two greater stars for yours truly — Martin Escudero and Paulo Avelino. Before I had the opportunity to meet him in person, there were only two better beautiful faces to me — still, Mart and Pau. Before I had the chance for a conversation with him, there were only two sensible conversationalists: again, Mart & Paulo. It is just now exactly 32 days since I had that eye-for-a-star-feeling-goosebumps but it feels like a lifetime…. No matter how awkward I’ve got the opportunity to hear “Kerbie”, no matter how casual was the opportunity to meet him, or how short and swift was the conversation with him at the Premiere Night for Zombadings — spending my sleep-scheduled time for some twitter bromance and run-around-the-hoop calls & texts if definitely worth the repeat. Now there’s Martin Escudero, Paulo Avelino and KERBIE ZAMORA in my list of the more-worthies. And by firm stand… yes, I stand by the three.

  3. Salamat sa warm treatment mo sa amin Kerbie. Sana maging magkaibigan tayo at hindi lang basta fan. You can count on THE KERBIES especially myself to support you all the way of your career. What Norman wrote is just a portion of how nice and good you are. We,THE KERBIES know you are even more than you can ever imagine. Continue having a POSSITIVE ATTITUDE and we’ll be with you until the end not just as your fans yet as your FRIENDS. Thank you Kerbie,thank you. We all felt your sincerity when you said “Thank you sa inyong lahat”. Your character as JIGS brought all of us together and have gained new friends including you.

    Norman, thank you for creating this blog about Kerbie.

  4. His humility and big heart for his fans will make his stars shine brighter. Keep it up Mr. Zamora, the rest of the gang will support you all the way.

  5. Wahahahaha… Love it!!! Natawa ako sa BM Pascual — me apelyido dapat?! hihihi… il post a link sa FB Page. =P

  6. hope he remains humble for his future successes. 🙂 happy to be part of the kerbies family. 🙂

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