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  1. Gwendolyn has to improve her make-up. I fully agree with the others when they say he looks manly and way beyond her age with that make-up – parang bakla was how I described her during the pageant. They say she is a model but in my opinion her catwalk skills need a lot of improvement to be make her at par with Venus and Shamcey. I think less make up would be best for her as her practice sessions for the traditional dance, etc, in London show. And also her hairstyle should be either the one she had during these sessions or the more flowing one – unlike the Ms World contest here where it looked as if a lot of hair spray was used. Parang wig tuloy. Several liked her gown then – to me this looked horrible and gave her difficulty in walking. The gown should be flowing and not restrict her much hyped modelling/catwalk skills. All these improvements would make her all the more a potential winner.

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  3. Is her name spelled “Gwendolyn” OR “Gwendoline”? The official Miss World Philippines has her name listed as “Gwendoline” — but other sites (like yours and Joyce Burton’s) list her name as “Gwendolyn”. Anyhow, I think Ms. Ruais who, at 5’11”, will be among the tallest candidates at Miss World and is sure to be a standout. She may not have the prettiest face but she more than makes up for it in other areas. She’s very fluent in English — and also speaks French, the lingua franca of Europe (rare for a Filipina or for any Asian candidate for that matter) — she will be noticed by the European press, believe me.

    She’s a taller, slimmer version of 1975 Miss World Wilnelia Merced (of Puerto Rico).


    • Actually, I use Gwendolyn just because her name is posted as such more often. Anyways, I agree with your arguments on her chances at Miss World. In person, she is a real beauty with commanding presence. I’m confident she will do good in London.

  4. I was surprised with the result of this pageant. This is not for Miss World level. So sad…

  5. walang K yung nanalo. may nagchika sa akin na pinatawag lang yun ni cory quirino. ni hindi dumaan ng audition. pak teh!! kaasar! hahaha. dapat yung henson ang nanalo dun, eh nung sumali yung ruais sa Bb. Pil. 2010 wala ni isang award. LIGWAK!! tapos si henson hakot award na, 2nd runner-up pa.tapos ngayon biglang nanalo? anyareh????? tapos yung question nya, parang tanong sa kwentuhan sa kanto lang “what will you do with the 1 Million pesos if you win this pageant?” pareng kami-kami lang ng tropa ko

    “taya tayo sa lotto.”
    “anong gagawin mo kapag nanalo ka lotto?”

    hahahahaha. walang kwenta. dapat ibigay na lang din sa Dos ang franchise ng ms. world!



    • Jonathan, Gwendolyn auditioned here in Manila. But she and Nikette Henson (who screened in Central Luzon) come from the same handlers who groomed Shamcey Supsup for Bb. Pilipinas. And as for the MWP Franchise, Ms. Cory Quirino and CQGQ are the owners and were the ones who decided to do business with and make GMA-7 its’ official network. Let’s cut them some slack. It’s the inaugural year so there will always be room for improvement. 😉

      • i know. hehehe. i talked to mama j, pero sabi nya feeling daw nya mas deserved ni nikette ang title, kaya lang daw nag 1st runner up si nikette kasi she lacks height. eh kung matangkad lang pala hanap nila edi sana next time puro kapre na lang ang pinag-audition nila. (hahaha. ang bitter ko teh!!) baka ang cooking show… este… MWP title ay hindi talaga para kay nikette.

      • I also like Nikette. For me, the fight was just between her and Gwen. But it turned out that height is might. Also, her answer to the final question was overly long. Anyways, let’s move on and hope that Gwen makes it good in London. 🙂

  6. i guess yong production benase sa pagiging royal ng pageant.. kaya ganun ka solemn .. di gaano ka ingay… though the host was not that good.. kahit saan namang pageant siguro may mapupuna… even boy abunda may comment sa ms.U… but over-all i love the come up of mwp.. i always believed naman that gma7 always set a standard on everything… there is always a room for improvement though… i bet gwendolyn has an edge on having that crown… she wanted it..

  7. hay
    i don’t know. no matter how many times i look at ruais, she does not really look beautiful. she looks like a man. i think this is not one good choice though i do not think any of the 24 is better. well who knows. MW is famous for choosing unlikely winners. you know. the homey type.

    • –thats True, …like what happened in 2009 when Kaiane Adorino of Gibraltar beat Perla Beltran of mexico ..also in 2010, when Miss USA Alexandria Mills won over Botswana Emma Wareus..(Nothing against with the winners)..facially, Runners up are far better than the winners….

      Prior to the MWP facially she’s not that “GODDESS LOOK”, but i have the strong feeling that Gwen will do Good comes Pageant Night.and in..Fast Track Event…Hope she Loose some weight and manage to do some make-up lessons to avoid her “MANLY LOOKING AURA”…

    • Ako din te, di ko talaga matangap tangap yang Gwendolyn na yan, though I must say na she did good that night. Siguro di ko lang matangap na 2nd runner-up lang yong bet ko. Like last year na sobrang sama talaga ng loob ko ng mag first runner up lang si Botswana. Kaya parang di ko matangap tangap itong si Alexandra magpahangang ngayon to think na maganda naman sya. Siguro sadyang ganyan ang mga beauty contest, magdiriwang ka pag bet mo nanalo, gaya ng pagdiwang ko kay Miss Angola na halos mauntog ako sa kisame sa kakatalon ng hirangin syang MU, at wala akong pakialam sa mga nagso-sour graping na Fans ni Shamcey na kesyo dinaya raw sila at dapat daw ni si Shamcey raw na nanalo. It maybe so unpatriotic of me pero sina Angola at China talaga bet ko for this years MU. Gaya ng sabi ko pag bet mo nanalo, talagang kakanta ka ng The winner takes it all, at pag natalo ang bet mo well kakanta ka na lang ng Napakasakit kuya eddie ang sinapit ng aking bet ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…..

  8. –ANG napansin ko, Di Ganun kagagaling ung Mga HOST…especially DINGDONG….What his Punchline…HANDA KA NA BA???..with matching. TUMPAK!!! di xa Ganun ka-exciting (though giving the benefit of the doubt since it was just started)…Even the announcement of winners, Walang kabuhay Buhay…..and the Q & A portion…Bakit na kay DINGDONG lahat ung Question????…if im not mistaken the Gown of Chloe was the Gown used by KAREN LOREN AGUSTIN in Miss Universe 2002, medyo dinagdagan lang nila ng “KOLORETE”..Recycled din???

    • James, the gown Chloe wore is not the infamous red gown – a property of Bb. Pilipinas – worn by Karen Loren Agustin many years back. She had an original creation which had similarities.

      • –Thanks For info Norman…I thought it was the Same Gown, since the Cut and the Upper Part is similar…But then again, Hope ms. Cory get the BEST HOST (like Anthony Pangilinan, Ariel Ureta and the Rest….i think the Pageant itself is Boring, and i believe a GOOD HOST can do something with it..

      • I think the choice of the host was mainly decided upon by GMA-7. First off, the person needs to be a GMA contract artist – and a popular one at that. Dingdong fits the bill, his limitations notwtihstanding. I was actually thinking that Rovilson Fernandez (who works with GMA News TV) would be a more appropriate pick. But then again, he could be a hard-sell when it comes to promoting the pageant prior to airing.

  9. You must be referring to Susan Jane Ritter.
    Anyways, there is an existing contract between Cory Quirino and CQGQ so safe siya for at least the next few years. But I’m sure kakayanin nyang i-sustain yan.

  10. Perhaps due to high expectations for the pageant. But in fairness, Chloe went home with a lot of heavy goodies last night. Aside from the 200k cash, meron din from SMDC plus a million peso management contract from GMA-7. Happy na rin siya siguro kahit di nasungkit ang korona. 😉

  11. Wow! A lot of sentiments there! Let’s hope someone from the organization will read this so things can be improved. 🙂

  12. Pagbigyan mo na, Angelo, at inaugural pageant naman. I’m sure Gwendolyn Ruais will be doing all that in the 2012 edition. 😉

    • I think that’s a bit judgmental. For me, she did well considering that she’s just a neophyte in pageants.

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