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  1. Any chance of a punk japanese boy being a literary and conversation genius? Lol afterall i have read jane austen and some others lol. Hey norman buddy i did some ‘investigations’ lol and found out about venezuela’s ‘beauty camp’ courtesy of osmel souza. I know, i know im outdated and probably im only person in this world who did’nt know about that but hey im new to this pageant stuff. I just uhm got hooked with ms phil lol! Anyway im like ‘what the fuckk!?’ now i know why venezuelan’s have that sexy curves and sturdy boobs rotflmao. What’s your take about that bud? Gimme that juicy details! Lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Punk or not, anyone can engage in healthy conversations like this, Hotaru. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      About Osmel Sousa’s Beauty Camp, it has been in existence since time immemorial! You’ve been really living under a rock when it comes to pageants. I’m not totally for it because my concern has always been for the ‘perfected’ beauty who comes out unsuccessful in her international competition. What happens after her national reign? Will guys seriously consider going into a relationship with her knowing that she has already been significantly altered? And what about candidates who come from countries who can’t afford such enhancements? Do they always have to take a backseat to these improved ladies?

      You know, it’s a good thing this year’s Miss Universe judging focused on ‘real’ contenders. One preliminary judge was quite adamant about giving more premium on natural beauty than otherwise. Just look at Miss Angola and Miss Philippines – they never underwent surgeries to improve their chances of winning. And look at Miss Venezuela. She wasn’t the picture of pure bliss during the whole thing. I can’t blame her. It’s hard to give a full smile when your facial muscles can’t freely move. I’m being cruel here but if I can only overhaul the whole pageant system, I would strongly discourage invasive surgeries just for the sake of one beauty contest. Life goes on afterwards, and that’s where reality bites the hardest. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. There’s no competition between us, Sir Norman. You have your own distinct voice which I find to be very engaging. No kidding, but lately it has been my habit to sneak into your blog to tap into your fascinating views and share your obsession with the delectable trivialities of beauty pageants.

    Consider me your fan. Good luck and more power!

    • You’re too kind with words, BJ. Anyways, just keep sneaking in. And I shall try to keep on churning with the ‘candified’ thoughts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Jonas,

    Thank you for acknowledging my ability to write. With my line of work, it is imperative that I write well as part of legal advocacy.

    Writing is said to be an imitative art. In your quest for improvement, I suggest you expose yourself to volumes of great literature as I did during my younger years. But seeing how well you express your thoughts , I won’t be surprised if you yourself is a voracious reader. If this be the case, carry on. Surround yourself in the company of geniuses–Hawthorne, Faulkner, Steinbeck, Joyce, Dickens, and (my ultimate favorite) Austen.

    These men-of-letters are far better tutors than I ever could be. But feel free to show samples of your work and I’d be glad to pass opinion on them, not as expert but as someone engrossed with the written art.

    As for the author of this blog, I admire him enormously for his passion to write and sheer generosity. His blog spews thoughts and insights here and there like candies with the frenzy of the old bearded gentlemen in lumpy red suit. Having tried to write and maintain a blog in the past, I know first hand the dedication and the work that this kind of project entail. But I’m sure he finds this to be both delightful and therapeutic. That’s what writing does to me. Like laughter, it is the better and cheaper alternative to medicine.

    • I couldn’t agree more, BJ!

      Boy, you are a fully-loaded wordsmith. I always admire individuals who are passionate with writing but not enslaved by its more dragging methodologies. In short, you intellectualize without resorting to old-school literary approach. Must be the natural blending of an ear-friendly vocabulary with the mind of a legal eagle like yourself.

      What is this? Word sparring? ๐Ÿ™‚

      I don’t stand a good chance with you because the writers who shaped my mind are the ones responsible for juvenile stuff like Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew with heavy doses of Stephen King, Daphne du Maurier and all those horror and gothic novelists of the late 70s and 80s.

      To Jonas, are you ready for your master class with Bryan? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I really love Vanessa Goncalvez kuya Normz, seems like she’s not that happy during the pageant, I can feel her lack of energy when she was last called for the first cut.

  5. I came across this and I ended up realizing that i am nodding involuntarily – agreeing on the substance and marvelling on the construction simultaneously.

    More than such fact, I am insecure with the author. very very very much insecure. he’s born to write. now my passion to pull off the same and my journalism degree are both put into test. you know the star-struck-i-will-be-like-you feeling?

    JESUSUP! Bryan Sir! you can write! the aesthetics – palatable to my goals of polishing whatever scraps I own/ or retained in college! Please be my tutor (writing-wise) and I’ll be willing to consider considerations!

    • Jonas, you’re a very good writer as well. Let’s hope Bryan Jasper (or BJ if you will) re-visits this post so he can reply to your tutoring request.

      By the way, journalism degree or not, I’ve learned time and again that good writing and love for reading go hand in hand, especially if the individual started indulging both at an early age (preferably during the latter part of primary schooling-and-up). I suppose you did, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. On top of everything Brian said, Miss Portugal is actually Venezuelan… She was born in Caracas and moved to Portugal from where her parents are originally from (which i doubt because there are many people in Venezuela that are third generation Portuguese and still state they are originally from there) and therefore she also got the whole Venezuelan fan group! =)

    • Oh also she lived most of her life in Venezuela… She moved to Portugal in 2007 I believe.

      • Yeah, it’s even in wikipedia lol I heard from rumors that Venezuelans had because I’m a Venezuelan young woman and obviously I’m crazy with pageant things even tho I missed this Miss Universe =( but Miss Venezuela 2012 I wont miss for anything!! Great blogging =)

  7. i have a question too Kuya Normz, is there a possibility for PH hosting the pageant again in the future? let’s say 2014? so exactly every 20 years for the past 3 decades we stage the event? I heard from my boss that Kris Aquino allegedly made a joke or something when his brother won the elections that she will try to bring back the pageant here during the term of PNoy, can we afford the bidding?

    • I doubt it if a Miss Universe hosting will happen under PNoy’s term. Unnecessary expenditure for the government even if the private sector will bear the brunt of logistical expenses. And what’s less appealing is that it isn’t much of a profitable undertaking. We’ll see.

    • BJ, It would’ve been 4 out of 5 if only I stayed put with my original 5 that included Angola. I was so sold on Greece who never even made it to the Top 16. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. It’s political. Some delegates who originally made the cut have to be taken out to make space for the Trump pick. Malaysia could be one of the unlucky delegates who belong to the last tier, and whose placement in the top 15 is not retained to squeeze in another candidate, say Panama. Trump has reasons to please Panama as prospective host in 2012. Malaysia has got nothing to win Trump’s favor. =)

  9. Here’s my theory on the matter. The three countries–BRAZIL, ANGOLA and PORTUGAL– are much favored by the Brazilian Crowd for obvious reason–they happen to speak the language of the host country. It is possible that PORTUGAL did not get the highest internet vote, but the two or three countries who ranked higher than her in votes, may have qualified for the top 15 on the bases of their preliminary competition score. Hence, they left the slot open for PORTUGAL. Its not farfetched that PORTUGAL has many internet fans as she has the entire Brazilian pageant-crazed populace behind her, added to that of her countrymen.

    BRAZIL and ANGOLA were the most cheered during the competition for the same reasons. And this seemed to have worked on their advantage.

      • your exactly correct kuya bryan…and so the crowd’s favorite wore the crown that night however, they were all beautiful I also I doubt how come that Miss Malaysia has not been ”IN” on top 16 she ever beautiful than the other and has the guts to fight til’ finals.

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