4 comments on “Miss Universe 2011: My Final Five Prediction

  1. this is very late…i know 🙂 but i just have to comment that your top 5 is way better the “actual” top 5

  2. This is what im talking about! Asian domination. I must agree with you bud, for me its philippines shamcey supsup that will be crowned. But i am threatened by ms. China and especially malaysia. Hopefully miss ‘tsunami’ bags the title. I am crazy over here. I watched her performance over and over and boy am i truly blown away by her! Somehow i noticed she have lots of haters on the web. Well i think that insecurity truly bore envy. Im so excited for tomorrow. Mabuhey philippines! Did i get that correct? 🙂

    • Hotaru, arigato gozaimasu for supporting Shamcey. I really hope she does well. And you’re almost right. It’s Mabuhay Philippines! 😉

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