2 comments on “Miss Universe 2011: My Favorite Evening Gown Shots

    • Fuccuda, I’m not a racist, and my apologies should you think of me as such. You see, there are 89 ladies vying for the crown. My main objective is to pick the ones who did really well based on how I view their individual presentations. Prior to the event, Turkey (together with the reps of El Salvador and Albania) were already under my radar since I was told by colleagues who watched the rehearsals that these three could do well. But during the show itself, at least 24 other contenders outperformed them from my point of view. I can make a posting of the top half (where Turkey is included), but that wouldn’t make for a competitive analysis. I could be dead wrong by not including her in my Top 24, but that’s the way pageant forecasts go.

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