7 comments on “Miss Universe 2011: My Favorite Headshots

  1. wow some hidden talents revealed! nice to hear you draw too. I only recently started drawing again. thanks for the idea of using tablets for drawings..i hope i can have one someday.

    • Lester, thanks for dropping by. It’s never easy what I do. But I chose to blog about subjects that tend to get stale easily like a daily broadsheet. Anyways, I love your post about Shamcey. Let’s link our sites. 😉

      • indeed its real hard posting daily..i could hardly maintain my postaweek2011 campaign. Thumbs up for your efforts! btw I just posted a post about shamcey and how good an artist she is.
        Sure thing, I’ll link you up.

      • Done with the link! 😉

        Haven’t told you (or any reader of this blog for that matter) that I can do a mean sketch with pencils (or through my tablet) but only if I’m inspired or in the mood for it. 🙂

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