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  1. I’m sorry to differ, but Shamcey does not leave a mark at all in her interview.
    Japan did better, and the Europeans – Switzerland in particular.

    Just sayin’

    still wishing her the best of luck

  2. Norman, as a enfamous blogger, I’d like to know, from your viewpoint, Shamcey’s chance at the crown, as well as, what’s your take on Shamcey’s web interview compared to other frontrunners like, say, Malaysia, USA, and China? Would love to hear from you. HANS

    • Hi there, Hans!

      First things first, I believe Shamcey is doing an excellent job of representing the Philippines in Miss U 2011. I commend her for being a real trouper these past two weeks despite enduring a stinging ear irritation due to the very long flight from Manila to South America, while catching the cough and cold virus in Sao Paulo. Since preliminaries won’t be until next week, it would be premature to second-guess her chances at entering the semis. Be that as it may, Filipinos around the world are uniting in giving her the much-needed votes to insure that she at least gets that automatic 16th slot on finals night. As for the web interview, I’d give her props for being spontaneous. She sounded the least bit rehearsed compared to most of her competitors, and is definitely not lagging way behind any of the favorites.

      Now let’s go to Deborah Henry. She comes to Sao Paulo well-prepared. Her looks and styling have been up to par, and so far, she’s living up to the hype. I feel that she is on the right track to at least becoming Malaysia’s 2nd semifinal placer in the pageant”s long history. And her web interview? Solid, inspite of sounding like the several Miss Indias in the past. If she makes it to Top 5, then I would be extremely happy because all the efforts of the Miss Malaysia Universe Organization would not have been wasted.

      Moving on, Miss China is the girl everyone is fearing this year. Not because she is the most gorgeous among the contenders, but due to the fact that she is getting all the special treatments from the organizers. Pageant fans believe that she is being groomed to be the next Asian Miss Universe titleholder, aside from the fact that her pageant director – Yue Sai-Kan – is moving heaven and earth to insure that her ward gets all the extra attention (and rewards). I don’t want to go into details anymore, but Zilin Luo is definitely a shoo-in for the semis even before the preliminaries are conducted. Her web interview pales in comparison to either Deborah or Shamcey, but it doesn’t really matter anymore. These cute and statuesque lady is poised to become Asia’s prime bet for the crown.

      As for Alyssa, she is doing her best but I fear that she is slowly drowning in the sea of beauties. I’m still confident she will make it to the semis, even if she was initially startled by the presence of thoroughbreds in the competition. I’d give her web interview a score of 9, with 10 being the highest.

      Again, I still need to watch the preliminaries to give a more definitve appraisal of their performance. 😉

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