3 comments on “Miss Universe 2011: Party Girls!

  1. I don’t like her dress in this party. It looks cheap. About her gown, i like the cut, but I don’t like the flamingo pink color. I agree that the drama should have been given on the front. I hope she can bring it anyway.

  2. Norm,

    Shamcey’s pretty, but I’ve not been a fan of the outfits she’s been wearing. What do you think of this one ? The style is very similar to a purple and orange piece she wore earlier. I saw her evening gown pic, and while I like the plunging back line, I really don’t feel the gown has enough “oomph” and fierceness. Plus, I wish it was longer in the back some. While no one knows for sure if this gown is her competition gown or not, I am just hoping that it isn’t. Who is picking out her outfits? Are they designed by a Filipino designer?

    • I’m pretty sure the evening gown was made in Colombia. It has the unmistakable Barraza touch sewn all over. I kinda like it although I would’ve wished the drama of the creation is on the front and not on the back, for official shots’ sake. As for her wardrobe, BPCI provided her with majority of what she’s wearing, with sprinklings from Colombia and her own. It’s all up to her now on which to wear in what event. There’s still hit-or-miss in selections. I just hope that the first few days of September see the arrival of her additional luggage/s from where she can choose more stand-out pieces. 😉

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