5 comments on “2011 Miss World Philippines’ Final Screening: A Mix of Old and New

  1. yeah i agree with ray and naomi campos,,specially nicolette who is wearing something like a racing outfit or voltes 5 costume

  2. Some of the young women are wearing cheap outfits from Forever 21…definitely appear to be non-elegant. Let’s not make Miss World to be a hip-hop show.

  3. I was wondering why Charlotte Melissa Tyler was not in your photos!! She is the hottest favourite in my view. It is about time we have a Miss Philippines to represent in Miss World that will have the chance to get the title…Charlotte Melissa stands out to all the 25 finalist!!! and she have all the qualities..of a beauty queen!!! the ones you have in your website are just ordinary girls you see in discos or magazines but not for an international beauty that can compete with Brazil , colonbia or |Venenzuela!!!Hope to see more of Miss Charlotte Tyler!!

    • I absolutely agree with you Naomi. I look forward to see more of Miss Charlotte Tyler so elegant!!!

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