2 comments on “Adam Liaw…one year after winning Masterchef Australia Season 2

  1. Hi! I know, right?! im such a fan. i love the top 10 and couldnt really decide which one to cheer on when finals came out. 😉 sometimes i think the oz version is much better than the usa one. i mean, there’s little to no nastiness between the aspiring chefs and i like that. i hope they all go on to become great chefs! 😉

    • Exactly the same feelings I have about the show! The whole series is very nurturing unlike the US version which focuses on ‘scaring’ the contestants. The 3 hosts are very sincere and the guest chefs super accomodating. It really feels like one big happy family without any hints of dysfunctionality whatsoever. A breath of fresh air on cable TV indeed! And I hope I get to eat in one of their restaurants in the future, esp. Adam or Callum or Claire or Jonathan or Alvin or Courtney or Marion or Aaron or Jimmy or Peter. What else can I say but I love them all! 😉

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