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  1. it is absolutely true that the winnerof the ms.resort wrld is being well taken cared of by the organizers.to see is to believe.i know it as the reingning miss.rsrt wrld2013 is so happy and so contented.and i can assure u for this.so good luck to the next winner of the ms.resort wrld2014.

  2. Unfortunately, Miss Wendy Tabusalla has not been paid yet:( she didn’t receive payment of 500,000 in full. First payment was given to her in January. Second payment supposedly this July but until now wala. She’s very frustrated and always crying to me. Also the promised one year use of a condo unit was not awarded to her.

    To this day she is still clamoring for her prize money. I know coz I am her mentor and I encouraged her to join Miss Resorts World Manila

    • That’s very unfortunate, Patty. I hope the organizers will read your reply.

      Actually, I’m somewhat surprised that the 2011 competition is being held earlier than usual. I was expecting Wendy’s reign to last till the 4th quarter of the year.

      • Dear Norman,

        I would like to Apologize to the Organizers and Staff of Miss Resorts World Manila, especially to Scribble works and it’s president, Ms. Tati Fortune, for the careless comment a made awhile back regarding Miss Wendy Tabusalla’s prize. I learned that she was paid in FULL and that she is well taken cared of. I was misinformed.

        I encourgage all young aspiring girls to join the Miss Resorts World pageant. this pageant has opened doors to Wendy in fulfilling her dream to be a beauty queen, a much sought after runway and print model, and more.

        I have been in the modeling and fashion industry for 23 years and was never involved in any “gulo” or intriga pertaining to this. I humbly and sincerely apologize to everyone who i may have hurt unintentionally.

        I know how it is to be an aspiring beauty queen. I have been there before.

        Again, i would like to reiterate that Miss Wendy Tabusalla, reigning Miss Resorts World Manila was paid in FULL and is well taken taken cared of by the organizers of the Miss RWM pageant.

        Goodluck and More power to Miss Resorts World Manila pageant and to all the girls!

        Thank You.


        Ms.Patty Betita

      • Good to read about that development, Patty. I’m just glad that everything has been cleared and sorted out now.

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