4 comments on “Cinemalaya movie watch: “I-libings” (just how do you read this title?)

  1. This is an actual adaptation of St. Peter Chapels eServices such as eBurol and eLibing whose innovative approach in DeathCare Service catapulted them as the premier Memorial/Funeral Parlor in the Philippines.

  2. i say I-Libings as in long letter I, and as in I-Mac,and I-Tunes.. At first i thought it has a darker theme, but then being dramedy, i guess it would be have a darkside that is amusing and funny , even satirical. WE as Pinoys have strange practices, like honoring the dead in a humorous manner, or having joyful activities like singing, playing mahjong, tong=its, etc, these are inate in our society, and although we love our dearly departed, more often, we wanted to be a with them in a longer time, as such we have extended wakes.I would have to watch out if the female lead would give justice to the craft.My eyes are all for Mark Abaya too, as he is my favorite actor/musician. he can cross any genre and any medium, indie or mainstream, its all in the genes.As for the director Rommel Sales, i havent watched his films, but as i read his profile, he deserves to be amongst the best of our own breed.I-Libing can touch the heart, there is real sadness and deep sorrowi in death.

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