7 comments on “Miss Earth 2011 – Destination: Pattaya, Thailand

  1. hope you already know the exact ticket price for the seats,because we have not buy any yet.please inform us, about the ticket price..Thank you so much.. =)

    • Change of venue (from Pattaya to Bangkok) has prompted organizers to re-structure their prices for the event. Stay tuned for updates.

  2. I am working here in Thailand and i really want to watch this pageant.. usually, how much the ticket will cost for this event? thanks.. =)

    • This is the first time Thailand is hosting Miss Earth so I’m not familiar with their price structure for seats yet. But if we are to base it on usual international pageant finals, a decent seat could run to a couple of thousand Bahts or $60-70, and the good ones anywhere between THB4000-5000.

  3. i am working here in thailand. i want to know where i can get my ticket via internet or reservation? i am excited to watch this.thank.s

    • The pageant won’t be until November 12, so tickets should be available around a month or two before that. I will update as soon as I have the info. You can also check out Thai newspapers by Sept./Oct. Thanks for dropping by! 😉

  4. Going to pattaya from bangkok is easy with teh bus from Ekkamai station – it cost around 117 baht each way and takes just 90 minutes. Buses leave every 30 minutes.

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