5 comments on “Janine Tugonon & MJ Lastimosa: the runners-up who could

  1. From being 1st runner-up in BP 2011 to 1st Runner-up in Miss Universe 2012, that’s a really big achievement!! Congrats Janine!!

  2. Janine was able to deliver an straight forward answer because it came from her heart. it was delivered with conviction and honesty; and she totally believes in unconditional love (which we definitely need or a must for human survival). it is not janine’s fault if she was gifted with better neurons than others. unconditional love may sound so lame or common yet, it seems impossible to give… still, the likes of janine believe that it can be possible.

  3. You need to be fair. You had good words for the winners and encouraged everyone to stop criticizing and then here you are doing that to the runners up.

    • BHHA, I’m sorry if you feel that way. I’m not sure if you’re pro-Janine or pro-MJ, but here’s more to what I wrote on the post:
      1) About Janine, I stated in parenthesis that her answer during the Q&A sounded a bit rehearsed because it really did after a 2nd & 3rd review of that segment. Any intelligent girl (like her) can do the homework and practice answers for the interview. Not at all unusual, mandatory in fact. But when you reply to a question like ‘What can a man learn from a woman?’ the way she did, I can’t help but think that unconditional love (which is not unique to women alone) could also qualify as an answer to questions like ‘What is the formula behind a successful relationship?’ or ‘What is the most important quality of a person who wants to do charity work?’ or even ‘What does the world need now when there is a crisis happening in several countries?’ I was hoping she would say something along the lines of emotional intelligence and the like. But not to belittle her performance, I give Janine an A+ for quick thinking.
      2) Going now to MJ, I commented about her seemingly overconfident (even cocky to some) self in the pre-Q&A that might have costed her a crown. You see, when MJ started projecting like that in words, she should have followed through with a similar quality of reply & delivery in the actual question. Instead, there was a palpable decrease in impact when she started using the word ‘love’ as the key word in enumerating the 3 things that make her smile. The moment she came to the 3rd, she just (weakly) mentioned ‘the love of the delegates’ instead of ending her answer with a zing (or quick wit if you will) like ‘…and winning a crown tonight will really make me smile.’
      3) I really don’t want to dissect this further but when you wrote that I am criticizing the runners-up (mildly, in my opinion) and heaping praises on the winners (because all 3 were consistent on their way to the crown), I was not in the frame of mind of putting the former down. I was merely giving an observation of what transpired during pageant night. If that qualifies as criticism to you, then so be it. I can’t impose my personal opinions on everyone. We live in a free world, after all.

      Peace! šŸ˜‰

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