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    • Diana, visit the pageant’s website so you cna download the application, or better yet, call them up on whether you can still screen (I think all local screening dates are already finished with only their USA sched left). Otherwise, you can prepare for the 2012 edition.

  1. thank you so much sir!Im looking forward to see how the pageant will run through. every now and then ill check your blogs:) thanks for the immediate reply!GODBLESS

  2. hello can i ask something? how will you know if you are choosen as the official candidate for miss world philippines 2011. Is there a list of official candidates already or still they are having a hard time to choose for the candidates..thanks!

    • Girlie, the finals won’t be until September 18 so that’s still more than 3 months away from today. Besides, they still have 2 more screening dates later this month and next (in Los Angeles, CA). The official candidates should be known by late July or early August. Check my blogs for future updates. 😉

  3. Thank you – she will be happy with this development. She is preparing meticulously and excellentl for the big challenge of her life. MWP here we come. She surely will give it a try.

  4. My niece is overly keen in joining Miss World Philippines 2011 but her dream will be dashed by the” ruling” that any contestant with beauty contest experience will not be allowed to participate. You see my niece won the Miss Brighton 2006 tilt five years ago when she was barely 17 years of age and this title qualified her to represent Brighton in the Miss England beauty pageant in 2006 and she did very well to become one of the finalist. She is now 22 years of age and more mature and confident and very ripe for the MWP. If she joins MWP 2011 will she be disqualified? Obviously she is very beauttiful, highly educated, talented and has a big chance for the MWP. Thus, we would like to know once and for all if she can join. She is half Filipina and half English..5 foot 10 inches tall, she has a Philippine passport and will be a fresh face for the MWP most especially as it will be Cory Quirino’s first year as proprietor of Miss World.

    • I think an exception can be made here since your niece did not join a local national pageant competing with MWP. Give it a try! 😉

  5. Can you please clarify Cory Quirino’s position about candidates for Miss World Philippines (MWP) are not allowed to join if they have participated in a beauty contest beforehand. This is a silly rule. How can she raise the standard of MWP if she bans prospective candidates with beauty contest experience for the MWP. The most logical thing to do is to allow them to join the MWP and let the judges decide. She is the proprietor and not the judge. It looks like if a candidate won Miss Ilocos Norte or Miss Samar or Miss Woodland Hills they will not be allowed to join? Now what kind of nonsense is this. Is she looking for a Miss Barangay Philippines or a Miss Barrio Fiesta Philippines..OMG..we wuill never win Miss World- not in million years if sge persist with this silly ruling.

    • I think her policy is directed specifically towards ladies who have already won or placed (as runners-up) in other national pageants. A good example would be what Carlene Aguilar did before, i.e., winning Miss Philippines Earth and then joining Bb. Pilipinas a few years later. Something like that would probably not be allowed by Cory Quirino, especially during the first year of Miss World Philippines where she wants to focus on fresh faces first. I think one possible reason behind this is to avoid being tagged as a competition replete with (pardon the term) ‘leftovers’ from other big contests. It is possible that she will relax this rule in 2012-onwards. But who knows? She might always reconsider this year. Let’s wait and see. 😉

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