2 comments on “Pocket interviews with Shamcey, Sabrinne, Chloe, Luzelle and Camille

  1. Hi Kuya Normz,

    I’m loving all the BBP coverage you have been giving!!!

    I was wondering what the format of the actual pageant would be. The interviewer mentioned that there were already judges at the press presentation? Are those judges already judging who makes the finals April 10? Also, who are the judges?

    My top 3 after the Press Presentation are Supsup, Lastimosa and Tumulak.

    I had Al-Tawil instead of Lastimosa before the press presentation, but MJ just totally stole the show. Shamcey was a little over the top during her catwalk. Some consistency in her fierce walk will do wonders. I was very impressed with her English and communication skills in that interview! The whole package for sure! The only thing that concerns me is that her chest is kind of flat in terms of Miss Universe standards.

    Either way I’m still Team Supsup!


    • Thanks, daniel. The press presentation judges are different from the finals night jurors. Most likely, the special awardees will have been scored here. No word yet on who will make up the Board of Judges on April 10. 😉

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