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  1. Just a reality check: Even if Patricia wins the BB MU title, how is she going to compare standing next to Miss Mexico (5’11”) or Miss Kosovo (6′) in Sao Paolo, Brazil. This year’s MU candidates from the usual pageant powerhouses like Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico are all taller than 5’9″. Even the candidates from Malaysia and Indonesia are 5’10”. Patricia is strikingly beautiful, but at 5’6″, do you honestly think she has a chance of even making it as a semifinalist in this year’s MU?

  2. Bias aside, I think Miss USA 2006 was a strong contender to begin with. Not because she was “Miss USA” but because she was smart, bubbly and down to earth which is your typical idealistic American beauty, though far from universal she still stood out. Miss INDIA 2001 was 5’3, she was beautiful and intelligent so I honestly think that your theory is slightly narrow minded. If Miss USA made it, it was because she was a strong contender, same as the other Miss USA’s. Everybody thought that Miss USA 2010 would make it in last year, but she didn’t. It’s the 21st Century, seriously get your head out of that post colonial idea about politics and evolve and realize that Beauty is seriously not just physical, but more about the contemporary attributes of woman today. =)

    • hahaha you’re so pathetic at not actually being able to see behind these pageants. this is business and miss usa makes the cut because the organization wants to. in the case of rima, she was obviously who they expected to win and having been confident that she will make the cut she did not perform well thus the organization saw it fit not to include her considering there were a lot of worthy contenders. as of 2006, tara may have been strong but she definitely did not make the cut on her own.

  3. after watching the primer last night, its hands down patricia for miss u. damn, i was not a fan of her but seeing so confident and fierce made all the other contestants fade in the background.

  4. I honestly think you filipino’s are to critical of beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Do you understand that phrase? I think she is absolutley stunning. She would be a force to be reckoned with at either of the international pageants. However, I do think she will do extremely well at miss universe. Her looks are not of the typical filipina look. She can obviously articulate herself well enough to show that she has logic and depth within her answers.

    Miss USA 2006 was 5’4 and still made it to the top 5 in the miss universe pageant. It is absolutley hilarious to think that many of you think as if you “know” it all when with the right exposure Venus Raj did well taking into account as well, her beauty. So it was a double whammy.

    She is stunning. And I think she will do really well. Rare beauty in the philippines, that is what makes her stand out from the rest.


    • just a thought
      tara conner who is 5’5 made it to the top 15 because she is miss usa while other candidates must be necessarily way much better than others to make the cut

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