9 comments on “Dianne Necio: Up Close and Personal

  1. Question: Could someone tell me why her height this year is 5’5 1/2″, when in 2010 her height was listed as 5’7″? Is BB Pilipinas fudging with their candidates’ vital statistic again? (e.g., Czarina Gatbonton’s alleged recorded height as 5’10 1/2″ when she was really 5’7″).

    • That is already a common thing with Binibini, i.e., padding the candidate’s height. If it’s any consolation, we know better so we can easily tell the real height of a girl. 😉

  2. She is pretty, but dead set not for Miss Universe. If I were to be critical, which I dislike, I think she smiles to much, not enough ummmmph. But none the less she is beautiful but she really isn’t for Miss Universe. Seriously to plain. I think she will do well at miss Globe. Or even Miss International. =) But best of luck anyway.

  3. We Bicolanos here in the U.S. particularly Polanguenos are so proud of you! ! ! Good luck and our prayers are with you that you will get your most coveted title and crown of Bb. Pilipinas (Universe hopefully)!

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