4 comments on “Roxanne Cabanero: a Venus Raj deadringer she is….a Venus Raj clone she is not

  1. In the interest of academics, let me provide an objective comparison of Roxanne and the Raina, the girl who is purported to be her.

    Their facial similarities are indeed uncanny, right down to the tips of their noses and the corners of their eyes.

    Let’s compare the proportions of their bodies. I’ve censored the photo, just to be able to compare the two girls.

    As you can see, they have similar proportions, even similarly located (similar) bellybuttons.

    But, the most uncanny of similarities I’ve noticed is their fingers, which are rather VERY similar, right up to their fingernails and how the contours of the bone structure match.

    Again, I’m not trying to say that the two girls are one and the same. You be the judge. The thing is, with how beauty pageants are actually run, the politics involved in it, and the hypocrisy of people in distinguishing the decency of a woman in a skimpy bathing suit, who is really calling the kettle black?

  2. kawawa naman si roxanne… xa ba tlga ung may nasa scandal pictures? kamukha naman tlga nya 😀 pero ung beauty nya kasi parang dami kapareha..

    • I highly doubt it if the girl in that photo is really Roxanne. But the damage has been done and she has already pulled out of the competition.

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